Joe Kolbohm – Bit Of This (System Recordings)

System Recordings returns this week for it’s third release of February which is turning out to be an incredible month for the US label. It sees the debut of Joe Kolbohm to the label who is another producer I discovered through Verche’s Sangria imprint. The Irish producer released his ‘Escape to Nature’ single on Sangria in September of 2013 which earned support from: Nick Warren, Hernan Cattaneo and Guy J. Joe’s debut single for System Recordings is entitled ‘Bit Of This’ and it comes with remixes from: Andre Sobota and Cristior.

Joe’s always had a very genre-less sound which is one of the reason’s his productions tend to sound so contemporary. ‘Bit Of This’ definitely fits that description with its vibrant sounding grooves and timeless techno overtones. The scattered claps and continuous modulation on the rhythmic tones create a wonderful hypnotic vortex while the toughness of the framework makes it great for the dance floor. Joe’s got a variety of cool rhythm ideas as well which keep the track incredibly fresh throughout. The main break is a real dozy with a very intense build and perfectly executed payoff. It’s one of those tunes that so many DJs could play from Tech House, to Techno to Prog House. The elements are fresh and that’s what makes it so accessible. Wonderful stuff from Joe.

The first remix comes from Andre Sobota who is making his fifth appearance on System. The Brazilian producer delivered his ‘Beginnings’ EP in June of 2013 and it turned out to be one of System’s best selling releases of the year. For his ‘Bit Of This’ interpretation’ Andre has taken those great elements from the original and put his own unique atmospheric twist on them. The grinding grooves and rougher synths combined with a big atmospheric presence make this one of Andre’s biggest, most unique and most menacing sounding productions to date. That said there is still an underlying melodic beauty which really shines during the middle section of the record. An amazing production from one of the most creative producers out there at the moment.

The final remix comes from Cristior who is making his debut on System Recordings. 2012 was a huge year for Cristior as it saw the release of his ‘Deshoda’ EP which included remixes from Petar Dundov and Guy J. The Petar Dundov remix saw heavy play from from John Digweed who championed the track for many months. More recently the Irish producer signed a track to Traum and also has forthcoming material on Chameleon Recordings. For his ‘Bit Of This’ interpretation Cristior’s hypnotic brand of techno has really worked wonders on the track. From the pulsating bass tones to the swirling atmospheres and mesmerizing rhythms this is my favourite interpretation on the release. Just an intoxicating production from Cristior that more than deserves your attention. Top notch release from System Recordings, don’t miss it!

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