John O’Connor – Hydrogen and Helium (Mirabilis Records)

‘Hydrogen And Helium’ is the debut release for the Irish man John O’Connor on our label and it can’t get any better!

The original mix is a techno progressive monster with a pulsating bass line that drives the whole track along the crispy groove filled up with tons of effects while synth riffs make their way into the mix and deliver great atmosphere to this peak time monster.

Greek star Pete Mccarthey gives it touch and takes the track rolling with a techy rolling groove full for glitches and skippy percussions while the deep bass full fills the groove and devastating synth stabs and spaced out effects give the extra touch.

Label head Alex Nemec teams up with Manchester rising star Nik Feral for another collaboration on this remix. Based around a dirty synth riff and the potent groove with plenty of layers that keep building through the track and then drops into the intense breakdowns, this remix is all about the energy for the dancing floor.

Colin McNeil delivers a classy melodic and deeper version.
Crisp beats, cleaver drum programming work perfectly with the potent bass line while lush synths and warm chords and synth stabs keep building spaced out atmosphere with the help of cosmic soundscapes and warm pads.

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