Jose Tabarez – Maremma (Soundteller Records)

The latest release on Deersky’s Soundteller Records welcomes Jose Tabarez to the label for his debut single.

Jose Tabarez - Maremma (Soundteller Records)

Hungarian born but now UK based producer Zsolt Beregszaszi aka ‘Jose Tabarez’ has had a great 2015. Perhaps not as prolific as many of his contemporaries Jose’s careful project selection led him to releases on Music To Please Friends, Massive Harmony and Stellar Fountain Deep. Now as 2015 is winding to a close Soundteller Records unveils what is perhaps his most anticipated release to date. The latest from Jose is entitled ‘Maremma’ which includes remixes from Arilamas, Erich Von Kollar and Robert R. Hardy.

Like I said Jose’s productions this year have been a bit scarce but even more so in the second half of the year. In fact the Hungarian’s last release came in July when he remixed Navarro & Caballero’s ‘Musica Para Volar’ for Stellar Fountain Deep. The stretch of inactivity has made his debut from Soundteller all the more special as ‘Maremma’ carries those deep and melodic qualities which he’s so loved for. What immediately stands out here are the billowing bass swells which make up the records foundation. Rich in character and wonderfully shaped they set a fluid groove for all of Jose’s subtle melodies to work their magic over. The lead themes are heavenly to say the least as they effortlessly drift through the framework as the track makes it’s slow methodical march towards the break. The warm wall of sub bass continues as a slow deliberate build eventually brings the beats back. It’s an impactful moment, as the groove then strips down and you’re left with just the beats and eerie lead themes. Over the records third act all the elements slowly reconvene for a heavenly moment, one which makes us all hope for more output from Jose in 2016.

The first interpretation of ‘Maremma’ is provided by Arilamas who is also making his first appearance on Soundteller Records. The Argentinean producer has been a regular on Nicholas Van Orton’s Balkan Connection South America imprint and also boasts releases on Clinique Recordings and BC2. His deep progressive sound has worked wonders on the mystical ‘Maremma’ and made for one of his career best remixes. There’s an added bounce to the groove and the percussive elements come across with quite a bit of pop, pushing it into crossover territory. Those gorgeous atmospheres from the original are well maintained though but with a greater dance floor vision carrying them. The main break is filled with both beauty and suspense. It’s a gorgeous moment and sets up a tasteful and groovy conclusion. Beautiful remix from Arilamas.

The second interpretation of ‘Maremma’ is provided by Erich Von Kollar who is making his third appearance on Soundteller Records. The Hungarian artist and one third founder of Stellar Fountain Records has had numerous releases highlight his discography this year. From originals on Sex On Wax and his own Stellar Fountain imprint to remixes for Suffused Music and System Recordings, it’s been a great 2015 for Erich and he caps it off wonderfully with a great interpretation of ‘Maremma’. Erich’s always had a contemporary progressive sound and it’s exemplified here once again. Anchored by mounds of rolling bass and frantic electronics it doesn’t take long for the piece to get a firm hypnotic grip on you. Indistinct vocal phrases lead the track into the main break where it takes a more emotional turn. Erich’s subtlety is the key here, clean and serene melodies make for a heavenly vibe and that brief moment of silence sets up the return of that mountainous groove perfectly. Fabulous remix from Erich.

The third and final interpretation of ‘Maremma’ is provided by Robert R. Hardy who is making his 12th appearance on Soundteller Records. The Hungarian producer has long been a core artist on the Polish label. Some of Robert’s finest work has been released through Soundteller with his recent 3 track ‘Therapy’ EP leading the charge. Word has it there are more originals on the way but for now we get an amazing interpretation of ‘Maremma’ to close the release out. Some producers make things sound smooth and effortless with great consistency and Robert definitely falls into that category. His warm, round beats and fluid bassy textures always make for a groovy journey and the rearranged melodic elements from the original are used to perfection here. Simply teased over the framework during the records first act, we get a bit more of showcase during the main break. Robert however is a man of subtlety and always keeps things on the right side of cool, thus opting for more of a trippy, otherworldly feel as opposed to using distinctive leads. Any way you slice it it’s another fabulous remix from Robert and again one of my favourites on the release. Top notch stuff from Deersky’s Soundteller Records who have certainly built on their success this year and grown the label immensely. 2016 holds much promise and I would say the best is yet to come.

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