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Juan Deminicis & Sebastian Lah – Odyssey EP (System Recordings)

System Recordings is back with another very strong summer release this week. Juan Deminicis has been one of the most hotly tipped producers to come out of Argentina over the last few years. Hernan Cattaneo and Guy J have been two of his biggest supporters and here he makes his return to System for a 3 track EP with fellow countryman Sebastian Lah.

The lead track ‘Odyssey’ gets the EP off to a great start with a moody acid groove. The tracks framework has nice drive and is well complemented with angelic pads that present a wicked contrast to the bubbly acid textures. The introduction of some unique vocal gates along with a tension filled build is a big moment as the track flows towards the main drop. Smooth chord changes provide some nice emotional content and the break keeps the groove going as the drums and momentous rhythms are left in. Great lead track from Juan and Sebastian.

Track two is entitled ‘Triangles’ and is currently sitting at #2 in our overall Hype Chart. It’s a slightly more stripped down and groove oriented production that comes with some dark undertones and sinister sounding atmospheres. The brooding groove is surrounded by a wealth of rhythmic elements that add a wonderful roll to the framework. The almost aquatic nature of the tones is what really stands out for us; an incredibly unique sound from Juan and Sebastian that should be absolutely sensational on the darker floors out there.

The EP concludes with ‘Deep and Dark’ which carries a similarly spooky vibe. There is a huge percussive element here that delivers some building anticipation and tension throughout the production. The waves of drums build killer energy towards the main break where things really build to a boil. A set of sinister sounding stabs slowly fades into the mix against an apocalyptic sounding backdrop. The tension here is huge and when the groove comes crashing back down expect a massive reaction from your dance floor. This might be the meanest sounding production we’ve heard from Juan yet and man does it rock. Three solid cuts here that make up an amazing EP from System Recordings. Highly Recommended. Release Promo Hype Chart #2

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