Julian Dep – Electric Landscape (E Sound Records)

The 20th release on E Sound Records welcomes Julian Dep to the label for his debut EP.

Julian Dep

The Argentinean producer began his production career in 2011 but it wasn’t until his 2014 releases on Clinique Recordings, Magic Room and Soundteller Records that electronic music fans started to take notice. A more distinctive sound has been coming out of Julian’s studio and it brought him to new heights this year. His debut EP for E Sound is entitled ‘Electric Landscape’ and it includes two brand new originals.


The release begins with the title cut which finds Julian crafting a big progressive flavoured bomb. Dynamic beats, electric rhythms and some lovely metallic accents set a wicked vibe early, before some sweeping textures begin to enter the mix. It’s a flow of smooth, laser like lines which build tension as the breakdown commences. Quirky hooks and an indistinct vocal idea carry the track through a smooth second act before a trippier conclusion tantalizes the senses.

The companion piece ‘Interference’ comes in a touch funkier and complements the A side very well. Anchored by a well carved groove and bubbly acid line there is an interesting story that unfolds here. The first break introduces a simple lead stab which locks the groove down further while an atmospheric storyboard begins to develop over the first act. By the time the main break arrives there’s a palpable tension which continues to build throughout the interlude and makes for a huge conclusion to the EP. Two solid cuts from Julian once again and a great release for E Sound Records. Don’t miss it.

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