Julian Dep – Storm Cycles (Soundteller Records)

Julian Dep makes his debut on Deersky’s Soundteller Records this week with ‘Storm Cycles’.

Julian Dep - Storm Cycles

The Argentinean producer has gotten 2015 off to a very strong start with the release of ‘Underground Flight’ courtesy of Just Movement and continues to build on his great success in 2014. His latest production ‘Storm Cycles’ is one of his most anticipated yet and includes remixes from Dio S., Kissoff and Robert R. Hardy.

The release gets underway with Julian’s deeply enchanting original which sets an amazing vibe for the rest of the EP. It’s got to be one of Julian’s deepest productions to date; it’s warm, rolling foundation and misty atmospheric haze are quite alluring early on. A set of simple tones during the first act make for some great hooks and the glassy harmonies coming out of the gargantuan break are subtle but monumentally stimulating. A great original from Julian.

The first interpretation of ‘Storm Cycles’ is provided by Dio S who is returning to Soundteller Records for his fifth appearance. The Greek producer last appeared on the label with his ‘Patience’ single from July of last year and also had strong releases on Juicebox Music and Stellar Fountain to close the year out. For his ‘Storm Cycles’ interpretation Dio has gone deeper and groovier with exceptional results. The reworked bass line really stands out; it’s well carved contours are a dream for the dance floor and it certainly gives the track a big presence. The main break is quite lovely as well with heavenly soundscapes and esoteric designs creating a mystical vibe. Wonderful remix from Dio.

The second interpretation of ‘Storm Cycles’ is provided by Kissoff who is making his first appearance on Soundteller Records. Sarkis Egiazaryan aka Kissoff hails from Russia and made his production debut in July of 2013 with a release on Stereo Enchained. Much talked about in the progressive house community as one of the most talented new comers of 2014 Kissoff gets 2015 off to a great start with a stellar interpretation of ‘Storm Cycles’. The best elements from the original have been reshaped into a smooth, effortless sounding production. Warm pulsating grooves, fluid rhythms and tasteful electronics lead the way here and even though the mix clocks in at 10 minutes is goes by pretty quick which is always a good sign. Great stuff from Kissoff.

The third and final interpretation of ‘Storm Cycles’ is provided by Robert R. Hardy who is returning to Soundteller for his fifth appearance. Robert was undoubtedly one of 2014’s most pleasant surprises. His now lesser known DMP project gave way for the more concise sounds of Robert R. Hardy and support from Hernan Cattaneo and Guy J followed shortly thereafter. One of the year’s highlights was the deep, spoken word storyboard of ‘Chicago Sunrise’ courtesy of 238 West which showcased some of Robert’s finest ideas. His interpretation of ‘Storm Cycles’ certainly closes the release out on a strong note. Definitely the deepest version on the release Robert’s effortlessly sounding grooves and ethereal designs are ideal for warming up a room or daydreaming with your iPod. Great remix once again from Robert and another solid offering from Soundteller Records.

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