Junior Chavez – Deepest Thoughts (System Recordings)

Junior Chavez returns to System Recordings this week for a brand new single. The Orange County based producer has appeared on System Recordings nine times in the past and has even been remixed by the mighty Cid Inc. A long time staple of the US electronic music scene System Recordings has always been great at showcasing lots of new up and coming talent from their home country. Junior has been knocking out quality productions now for the last year and a half. His new single entitled ‘Deepest Thoughts’ looks to be one of his finest yet.

Junior’s always has a very ethereal vibe about his productions and for those of you that loved his ‘Nightfall and Sky Hearts’ single from June you are sure to love ‘Deepest Thoughts’ as well. Oddly enough it’s a very thought provoking record with a great complement of harmonic elements. The relatively straight forward groove allows the great musical components to really breathe and carry the majority of the spotlight which is ideal given how gorgeous they do sound. The simple hooks set against that hazy wall of melodic fuzz is such a lovely contrast. It’s a warm and well textured piece that should be equally brilliant on the dance floor or in your living room. Outstanding work from Junior. The first remix is provided by Terje Saether. The Norwegian producer first came to our attention with his early productions on Darkroom Dubs, Frisky Records, Night Drive Music and Underground City Music. Shortly thereafter Terje had three of his originals signed to Nick Warren’s Hope Recordings one of which was remixed by Dutch superstar Eelke Kleijn. This is Terje’s debut appearance on System and he’s provided a very cool remix of ‘Deepest Thoughts’. It’s a smoother more hypnotic interpretation from Terje which adds some newly created hooks along with a wealth of cool electronics. How the track picks back up after the break is super cool, the buzzing electronics and funky foundation provide some incredible bounce that should perfect on the dance floor. The final interpretation comes from Verche who continues to amaze and just can’t seem to ever put a bad foot forward. The Croatian producer has put his own unique spin on the melodic parts and crafted a gorgeous reprise edit. This production just oozes class; it’s the kind of thing you’d expect to hear closing out a Hernan Cattaneo or Nick Warren compilation. Heavenly doesn’t even begin to describe it. An outstanding creation from Verche and a top notch release from our good friends at System Recordings.

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