Kaan Koray – Burst Of Emotion (Soundteller Records)

Turkish producer Kaan Koray returns to Deersky’s Soundteller this week for a new single. Soundteller continues to be one of the best pure progressive (proper definition) labels of 2013. They are quickly building an impressive catalog and a wicked roster of artists. ‘Burst of Emotion’ is Kaan’s debut single for the label and it comes with remixes from: Danny Lloyd, Josel, Kastis Torrau & Arnas D and MUUI.

‘Burst of Emotion’ is certainly one of Kaan’s smoothest productions to date. The delicate groove is surrounded by intricate bells, subtle harmonies and lovely vocal samples. It’s a production that never tries to do too much and uses its beauty to carry it. The breakdown is a real delight with the softly textured keys dancing about while the smooth atmospheric tones provide some great emotional content. The build out of the break down has just the right amount of tension as to not ruin the gorgeous vibe that Kaan’s has crafted here. Stellar work from Kaan.

There are four great remixes to choose from here and they all carry their own merits. UK based producer Josel makes his debut on the label and provides a great interpretation of ‘Burst Of Emotion”. Ioannis Selimas aka Josel strips things down just a touch and delivers a smooth version that stays true to the main themes from the original all while making it more suitable for the dance floor.

Next up Italian producer Danny Lloyd also makes his first appearance on Soundteller and crafts one of our favourite versions on the release. Danny has reworked ‘Burst of Emotion’ into a driving, percussive monster of a track. There’s a very cool energy about what Danny has created here as the rumbling groove just seems to build and build. The wispy vocals sound absolutely divine over the chugging framework and the great thing here is that there is no major breakdown so the tracks flows so well and keeps some amazing momentum throughout.

The Lithuanian duo of Kastis Torrau & Arnas D have been extremely hot of late. Their remix for Darin Epsilon’s new Eventide project has been one of the best progressive club records this year and its success on Beatport surely reaffirms that. Here Kastis and Arnas have provided a another sure fire dance floor bomb. These two certainly have their production dialed in, if you’re looking to hear a perfectly produced track just listen to their remix of ‘Burst of Emotion’. Every single element is spaced and processed perfectly so the entire composition breathes and generates a wicked groove. The deep, pulsating bass tones are absolutely exquisite as they create such nice character and warmth. The whistle like hooks are super fresh and the grungy sounding vocals add just the right amount of grit to the production. Stellar stuff from Kastis Torrau & Arnas D that is sure to be rocking a dance floor near you soon.

The package is closed out with a final remix from another very hot producer at the moment: MUUI. The Australian producer first came to our attention with his productions for Eelke Kleijn’s Outside The Box Music. The first half of 2013 has seen MUUI really grow in popularity with releases on Crossfade Sounds, Spring Tube, Lowbit and Baroque. His contemporary blend of styles is really refreshing and he’s provided another wicked remix here to close the package out. The hypnotic housey swing that’s created in the tracks first third is incredibly infectious. The flickering synths build some mesmerizing energy and as more rhythmic tones get added in the production really starts to rock. The heart of the record introduces some waning atmospheres which not only deliver some subtle tension but a cool emotional component as well. Loving what MUUI is doing right now and this is one of his best. Soundteller continues to impress big time, if you’re a fan of proper progressive house then there is no reason not to be following them.

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