Kaan Koray – Love (Soundteller Records)

The latest release on Soundteller Records welcomes Kaan Koray back to the label for a brand new single entitled ‘Love’.

Kaan Koray - Love (Soundteller Records)

The Deersky owned imprint has been riding a wave of success this summer with the labels last four releases breaking well into the Beatport Progressive House charts. Kaan’s new single looks set for a similar fate and with support already in from Hernan Cattaneo and Guy J you know it’s one not too miss. 

Turkish producer Kaan Koray has been quiet this year with just two new remixes released courtesy of Majestic Family and Mistique Music. ‘Love’ marks his first original since ‘Utopia’, released late last year on 3rd Avenue, and it doesn’t disappoint. Getting under-way with an open air groove, a delicate layer of sonic sprinkles radiates over the framework. It’s an enchanting sound and one which develops methodically over the records eight minute duration. It resists going too big and really excels on some unique bass tones and sweeping sonics following the main break. Amazing work from Kaan and most likely his best to date.

The first interpretation of ‘Love’ is provided by Dmitry Molosh who is making his second appearance on Soundteller Records. The Belarus based producer has been thriving since the beginning of the year with both Hernan Cattaneo and Guy J becoming supporters of his music. He’s become known for his modern twist on that old school progressive sound and he’s dialled in another amazing remix here. With a slower tempo, heavier beats and brooding approach Dmitry’s mix is the standout on the release. The production is ultra crisp and his intricate drum work really shines here. The soft textural overlay has been keep to a minimum as well which really makes this perfect for a tough minded dance floor, and there’s just enough melody drifting through at the right moments to tantalize your senses. Brilliant remix from Dmitry who continues to impress. 

The second interpretation of ‘Love’ is provided by GMJ who is making his first appearance on Soundteller Records. The Australian producer is fresh off an amazing remix of Michael A’s ‘Demain’, released just last week on Balkan Connection. Following years of a somewhat sparse production output GMJ has been quite prolific this year and he’s been earning praise industry wise. His remix here continues this amazing run with more killer progressive vibes. There’s a bit of a breakbeat influence which I absolutely love and the vocal elements sound fabulous. It’s one of those tunes that just has a cool vibe, in a very similar manner to the way that old Australian progressive did as well. I would guess there’s been some influence there and it definitely shines through here. Wonderful remix from GMJ. 

The third and final interpretation of ‘Love’ is provided by Ronfoller who is making his fifth appearance on Soundteller Records. Hailing from Azerbaijan Ronfoller has been one of Soundteller’s primary artists in recent years. He’s delivered three originals and two remixes since making his label debut in March of 2014 and he’s closed the release out with a great interpretation of ‘Love’. There’s a much deeper and more mystical vibe explored here and it makes for a great complement to the other progressive flavoured mixes. It’s lazy groove is adorned with glowing mallets and an ever evolving atmospheric narrative. This is going to be killer for setting the mood of a room and the subtle synth hooks drifting though the third act bring the anticipation up just enough to keep that smooth momentum building. Wonderful work from Ronfoller and another very well put together release from Deersky’s Soundteller Records. Highly Recommended. 

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