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Kaban – Pulsar (System Recordings)

System Recordings latest welcomes Kaban back to the label for his first single entitled ‘Pulsar’.

Kaban - Pulsar

The Mexican producer last appeared on the storied US imprint in July of 2014 with his remix of Simos Tagias ‘Swing’. Sometimes working solo or in conjunction with fellow countryman Alex Villanueva, Kaban has compiled a meticulous discography with releases on 3rd Avenue, Balkan Connection and Clinique Recordings leading the way. Kaban’s latest ‘Pulsar’ is surely his biggest yet and includes remixes from: Quivver, Pete Bones and Han Haak.

A lot of Kaban’s recent material has been much more techno inspired. ‘My Rules’ released courtesy of Uxoa Dutxa Elite showcased this and so does ‘Pulsar’. I’ve always loved Kaban’s music but ‘Pulsar’ is definitely one of his best. It’s one of those tracks that’s just perfect for a club. Funky, energetic grooves along with big drums and vibrant rhythms make for an electric sounding production. A suspenseful break adds a lot and manages to keep a nice feel for the groove throughout which returns in a big way. Should be huge at peak time on the right floor. Great stuff from Kaban.

The first interpretation of ‘Pulsar’ is provided by John Graham aka Quivver who is making his first appearance on System Recordings. The UK born but now USA based producer has already made a huge mark on 2015. His interpretation of Tilt’s ’30 Hits of Acid’ was a smash on the dance floor and also made it into the Beatport Techno Top 30. John has kept that momentum rolling with his ‘Q Dubz’ interpretation of ‘Pulsar’. Listening to the original it already has a bit of a Quivver vibe so it’s great that John opted for a more minimal, dubby approach. Tough beats along with a low slung, bouncy groove and killer hypnotic elements make for a massive dark room interpretation. Like most Quivver productions there’s a broad appeal so you’ll likely be hearing it a lot in the coming months. Wicked stuff from John.

The second interpretation of ‘Pulsar’ is provided by Pete Bones who is making his first appearance on System Recordings. Many long time electronic music fans may know Pete from his much loved The Shaker alias which was responsible for many a club hit over a decade ago. The UK producer’s had a storied career with a discography that includes original and remix work for London Records, FFRR, Hooj Choons and Perfecto. Pete’s Red Ant imprint which began operation in 1996 is still running today and just released ‘Metronome’ the latest single from the UK producer. For his ‘Pulsar interpretation Pete has stripped things down and crafted a groovy tech-house version with some wonderful energy. There are a wealth of rhythmic motifs running through this which are going to be deadly on the floor but the timeless air it carries is what seals if for me. Excellent remix from Pete.

The third and final interpretation is provided by Han Haak who is also making his first appearance on System Recordings. The UK artist began his production career in June of 2013 with an appearance on Sound Avenue’s very well received ‘Summer Sampler’. The track ‘Slaves In Transit’ was the lead piece on the release and was eventually remixed by hundreds of hopeful producers as part of a contest put on by Sound Avenue. 2014 saw other huge successes; most notably ‘Rusted Robot’ which received a remix from Quivver. 2015 began on a positive note as well with a remix for Redsparrow ‘Take It From the Champ’ released courtesy of Terminology Records. For his ‘Pulsar’ interpretation Han has taken the big percussive original and put his own rugged techno twist on it. Backed by a driving groove and rolling rhythms it carries a great energy straight way. The vocals have been incorporated nicely and with a very sinister vibe. Almost all Han Haak productions have this great fluidity about them and this one does as well, the sum of its parts amounts to a near perfect revision and it closes the release out very strong. Great remix from Han and a top notch release from System Recordings.

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