Kasall & Cristian R – Eastern Sound EP (Flow Records)

Kasall & Cristian R make their debut on Flow Records this week with ‘Eastern Sound’.

Kasall & Cristian R

Argentina has long been a hotbed for electronic music talent and Kasall and Cristian R are two of the scenes freshest artists. Having worked together for over a year the duo have recorded singles and EPs for Asymmetric Recordings, Lowbit Records, Sound Avenue and System Recordings. World class DJs such as Hernan Cattaneo and Nick Warren have played and charted their productions and 2015 has seen them rise to even greater heights with a recent EP for Sudbeat Music. The Argentinean duo’s debut EP for Flow Records is entitled ‘Eastern Sound’ and it comes with three brand new original productions.

The release begins with the title track and immediately the uniquely tailored beats, panning hats and rhythmic drive draws you in. Rough stabs build tension over the first act while a cross-cultural vocal gets teased in over the framework. As the electric groove strips down the main theme becomes fully realized. There’s a fine line with Eastern themed tracks; there’s been a lot of them done in the past and even a few recently. It needs to be done in exactly the right way, with right amount of subtlety in order for it to not sound too cheesy, and Kasall and Christian nailed it on the head here. There’s a sparkling ambiance emanating from the break and all through the second half as well which sits as the perfect backdrop to the enchanting vocals and wispy sonic details. Just a wonderful production from Kasall and Christian.

The second and third selections also offer something unique and exciting. ‘Motion’ finds the Argentinean duo going harder, darker and more techno inspired. If you like cutting edge electronics and strong driving grooves then this will be right up your alley. An absolutely gigantic build out of the break proves to be the high point; when those layered beats and scattered drum elements drop back in it’s an incredible moment. Definitely my favourite track on the EP.

The EPs third and final selection ‘Thought’ comes off large and techno inspired as well. Backed by a romping groove and waves of boundless rhythms the energy is sky high. Another colossal break sits as the tracks centrepiece where the warped themes build tension for an even larger third act. Kasall and Cristian have gone big here and it’s really paid off. A unique and satisfying release from Kasall, Christian and Flow Records. Highly Recommended.

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