Kasall & Cristian R – Eclipse EP (Sound Avenue)

Kasall and Cristian R deliver two massive productions for Sound Avenue’s latest!

Kasall & Cristian R - Eclipse EP

Argentina has long been a hotbed for electronic music talent and Kasall and Cristian R are two of the scenes freshest artists. Having worked together for over a year the duo have recorded singles for Asymmetric Recordings, Lowbit Records and System Recordings. World class DJs such as Hernan Cattaneo and Nick Warren have played and charted their productions. As 2015 begins we find Kasall and Cristian embarking on the biggest and most anticipated release of their career. The Argentinean duo’s debut EP for Sound Avenue is entitled ‘Eclipse’ and it comes with two brand new original productions.

Both Kasall and Cristian have been noted for their unique blend of groove and atmosphere. It’s a combination that has set them apart as solo artists and the fusion of their studio minds has only made that stronger. The EP gets underway with ‘Solar Eclipse’; a warehouse style progressive techno hybrid which carries a massive presence. It’s open air design and rough rumbling beats casts a menacing vibe early while grating electronic textures sweep though the atmosphere and drive the energy forward. With the tension growing the clap clusters intensify and a sequence of panning bell-like tones wavers with calculated abandon. It’s peak time qualities are palatable and the trippy designs mutate further for a crushing second half conclusion.

The companion piece ‘Lunar Eclipse’ proves to be the ultimate compliment with its equally menacing presence yet more introspective outlook. Beginning with a tough sequence of beats and anticipatory bass stabs the tension carries on from where ‘Solar Eclipse’ left off. As the groove begins to pick up momentum dark electronics and a shifty hypnotic overlay fill the air with electricity. Panning motifs further the ominous vibes during the main breakdown and carry the piece on to an exhilarating second half finale. Two big room bombs from Kasall and Cristian to light up your dance floor.

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