Kasall & Cristian R – Feeling For The Soul (Flow Records)

The latest release on Flow Records welcomes Kasall & Cristian R back to the label for a new EP.

Kasall & Cristian R - Feeling For The Soul

The Argentinean duo has been one of the mostly hotly tipped production teams this year with a long line of impressive releases, headed by an EP for Hernan Cattaneo’s Sudbeat Music. Kasall and Cristian’s last EP for Flow was regarded as some of their all time finest work and their latest ‘Feeling For The Soul’ looks to be even better.

Kasall and Cristian always bring a fresh approach which in progressive terms is very contemporary and also club friendly. The lead track here ‘Feeling For The Soul’ might be one of the duos most inspired works to date. Powered by warm bassy swells, shimmering overlays and subtle motifs it’s an engaging journey from the outset. As the bass tones intensify a wall of glimmering keys initiate the main break where an evolving kaleidoscopic theme wreaks further havoc on your senses. There’s a nice tension which develops herr and ultimately gets released with a rush of feathered electronics and white noise. Wonderful music from Kasall and Cristian.

The second and third selections also offer something exceptional and also quite varied. ‘Ascension’ finds Kasall and Cris with a uniquely crafted techno / progressive hybrid style piece. Highlighted by indistinct vocal gates, wobbly grooves and a decayed atmospheric story board, it’s a creation which takes you on a journey and slowly lifts you to the heavens.

Meanwhile ‘Duduk’ features a tough, chuggy groove adorned with cross cultural motifs which are sure to bring back memories of Luzon and Killahertz cuts from nearly 15 years ago. It’s straight forward club approach has proved to be one of EPs most popular cuts amongst DJs and you’re no doubt going to be hearing it a lot in the coming months. A fabulous EP from Kasall and Cristian with all three tracks delivering their own special moments. This duo has definitely carved out a great place in the underground and this EP is some of their best ever work. Don’t miss it.

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