Kay-D – Falling (Stellar Fountain)

The latest release on Stellar Fountain Records welcomes Kay-D back to the label for a new single.

Kay-D - Falling

The Hungarian producer had an underground hit earlier this year with ‘Mermaids of Morning Mist’, released courtesy of Aethereal. The track was another wonderful journey into old school melodies which many of Kay-D’s fans hold as one of his best tracks to date. Now making his fifth appearance on Stellar Fountain Kay-D presents his latest studio work entitled ‘Falling’ alongside remixes from Following Light and Tash.

The original mix leads the release off and finds Kay-D crafting another heavenly creation full of gleaming bells, wispy textures and angelic vocal pads. The broken beat feel of the intro is really nice and once the kick drops it’s quite powerful. Over the first act Kay-D expertly weaves in all his trademark designs and what’s most striking are the jangly tones which carry it into the break. It’s soothing and exhilarating all at once and the long breakdown plays nicely here, before a suitably celestial conclusion. Beautiful melodies again from Kay-D.

The first interpretation of ‘Falling’ is provided by Following Light who is making his eighth appearance on Stellar Fountain. The Ukrainian producer and Inmost Records label boss just released an amazing interpretation of ‘Haiku’ by Rick Pier O’Neil on Clinique Recordings and follows that up here with an excellent rendition of ‘Falling’. Focusing on a deeper, more spacious framework, Following Light has let some of the great elements from the original breathe really well, all while putting his own unique twist on them. It’s quite an ethereal touch and the deep slabs of bass drive the track nicely, while several mystical elements please the senses throughout. Great remix from Following Light.

The second and final interpretation of ‘Falling’ is provided by Tash who is making his first appearance on Stellar Fountain. The Greek artist and Movement Recordings label boss has continued his prolific production ways this year. A revitalized spark in the studio has yielded some of his best ever productions, with support from Hernan Cattaneo and releases on Asymmetric Recordings, Just Movement and his own Movement Recordings highlighting his discography. For his Stellar Fountain debut Tash has gone a bit deeper and dreamier than we’re used to hearing from him and the results are amazing. Anchored by a warm, full bass line and catchy rhythms it flows with wonderful momentum towards the break. A third act of even funkier hooks ups the energy and continues what is a great sound story, ultimately ending the release really strong. Wonderful remix from Tash and a beautiful melodic release from Stellar Fountain.

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