Kay-D – Mermaids of Morning Mist (Aethereal)

The 11th release on Aethereal welcomes Kay-D to the label for a brand new single entitled ‘Mermaids of Morning Mist’.


The Hungarian producer is back in the spotlight this week as he not only has a new single out on Aethereal but Michael, Levan and Stiven Rivic’s Mistique Music as well. Kay-D’s debut for Aethereal is entitled ‘Mermaids of Morning Mist’ and includes remixes from Feri, Loquai and Maxi Iborquiza.

You always expect some great emotion from Kay-D’s productions, whether they are deeper or more up-tempo. The appropriately titled ‘Mermaids of Morning Mist’ falls into the latter category and what a gem it is. Soft bells, drifting atmospheres and esoteric vocal elements create a wonderful vibe early on. The laid back groove is perfectly in line with the meandering elements and dreamy appeal of the track. The cinematic break only furthers the soft, melancholic mood of the record and also sets up an even dreamier conclusion. Gorgeous work from Kay-D.

The first interpretation of ‘Mermaids of Morning Mist’ is provided by Feri who is making his second appearance on Aethereal. The Swiss producer last appeared on the Russian imprint with a remix of ‘Katharsis’ by Greek producer Stergios. It’s been a solid year for Feri with the release of his ‘Echo of the Past’ LP and a recent EP for Stellar Fountain. For his ‘Mermaids of Morning Mist’ interpretation Feri has put a more techno inspired twist on the track which has brought it much closer to the dance floor. A more distinctive groove, vibrant tempo and great rhythmic elements provide a solid foundation. What’s great about this is Feri has still manage to convey the great emotion from the original but also made it a touch more danceable. Great remix.

The second interpretation of ‘Mermaids of Morning Mist’ is provided by Loquai who is making his first appearance on Aethereal. The Russian born but Germany based producer is fresh off the release of his collaboration with Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic entitled ‘Origami, released just last week on Luke Porter’s Temporum Music. It’s been one of Loquai’s 2015 highlights along with recent remixes for Electronic Tree, Abstract Space and Suffused Music. For his ‘Mermaids of Morning Mist’ Loquai has added his own groovy touch to the track and the end result is a deep and soulful beauty. Loquai has crafted a new melodic theme here which gets fully realized during the main break. It complements Kay-D’s dreamy parts quite well and the added stabs in the third act lift the groove up nicely. Lovely remix from Loquai.

The third and final interpretation of ‘Mermaids of Morning Mist’ is provided by Maxi Iborquiza who is making his first appearance on Aethereal. The Argentinean producer is famed for his bootleg remixes, many of which have earned radio play from Hernan Cattaneo. Maxi also has standout appearances on 3rd Avenue and BQ Recordings over the last few months and his remix of ‘Mermaids of Morning Mist’ continues that nice momentum. Delicate beats and all of Kay-D’s gorgeous elements meld together and make for a great first half. The more minimal approach is welcome as it allows the key parts to really shine and also complements the previous, more full sounding mixes quite well. The two breaks seem to come at precisely the right time as well and keep that serene energy progressing nicely. Beautiful remix from Maxi which rounds out a great release on Aethereal.

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