Kay-D – Natural Touches (Mistique Music)

Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic’s Mistique Music returns this week with a huge new single from Kay-D. Krisztian Kajdi aka Kay-D has long been regarded as one of the best when it comes to writing emotional melodies. Kay-D’s last original productions came in early 2013 as part of his ‘Sagittarius’ EP so all his fans will be excited for a new original from him this week. Kay-D’s newest single for Mistique is entitled ‘Natural Touches’ and it comes with a top shelf set of remixes from Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic feat Mateo, Silinder and Relaunch.

The ‘Natural Touches’ original is going to be a real delight for old school fans. The rumbling groove brings back memories of many top tracks from years ago and once the smooth vocal pads and soaring atmospheres enter some real magic starts to happen. The tracks gorgeous top end is perfectly offset with some bubbly acid textures that work really well in conjunction with the groove. The breakdown and second half of the record definitely goes down as one of Kay-D’s most beautiful pieces of music to date. The sparkling melodies weave their way through a series of goosebump inducing harmonies that you’re going to want to listen to over and over again. Amazing stuff from Kay-D.

The Mistique label bosses Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic who are fresh off an amazing single on Darin Epsilon’s Perspectives provide the first remix in conjunction with Mateo. The Mistique trio and Mateo have come up with a very inspiring production. MLSR + Mateo have crafted a more spacious and funkier groove which makes great use of the acid lines from the original along with some very catchy stabs. The full vocal gets presented as the breakdown begins to take shape and it sounds fabulous amidst a wealth of processed bells and blissful atmospherics. A gorgeous climax then ensues where you can hear some of Mateo’s amazing trancey influences. Huge remix from Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic feat Mateo.

Silinder is up next and this will be his fourth appearance on Mistique. The Irish producer has crafted a much more groove oriented mix that complements the previous two versions really well. This one has an amazing dance floor vibe with the grinding acid lines forming some absolutely wicked hooks in conjunction with the rolling drums. The vocal pads are used to great effect also but with a much more airy touch here. The track reaches a boil with the acid lines growing just a touch angrier and the rolling hypnotic elements intensifying dramatically. A massive remix from Silinder and one of his best for the dance floor this year.

Closing the package out is Relaunch who has also been having a great year with releases on Spring Tube, Bonzai and Green Martian. John OO Fleming has been a big supporter of Relaunch’s work and he absolutely loves this one too as he’s given it a 10/10 rating on our site. The immense drive and power of the track is really special and you can definitely hear that some of Relaunch’s musical roots are based in German techno. With that said though there is a unique contrast here between the driving beats and sections of blissful atmospherics. It makes for an awesome peak time record that’s full of energy and emotion. Well done Relaunch and well done Mistique for such an awesome release, all the mixes are very strong. Highly Recommended.

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