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Kertek – The Red Square Nebula EP (Animate Dummy Recordings)

The ninth release on Animate Dummy Recordings features the return of Kertek to the label.

The Red Square Nebula EP

Glenn Darmanin and Kurt Spiteri make up the Maltese production duo and they last appeared on the label with a contribution to the Animate Selection Vol.1 compilation which was released in September of this year. Now of for Animate Dummy’s final release of 2014 we see a brand new EP entitled ‘The Red Square Nebula’ which includes three original productions and four remixes from Danny Lo Scippo, Nic Bax, Flying Point and Beyond.

Kertek began their career releasing on several of Russia’s more prominent independent imprints with Festival Lounge and Carica being the most notable. Appearances on the UK’s Stripped Digital and Macedonia’s OLD SQL Recordings soon followed. Their unique fusion of techno grooves and enchanting melodies eventually led them to Animate Dummy and ‘The Red Square Nebula’ EP looks to be the most accomplished work of their career. The title cut is one of my favourites here. Following a rhythmically charged intro the glacial melodies and melancholic soundscapes begin to engulf the production. It’s the effortless glide and subtle but deliberate grooves which are really captivating here. If you love some of Deepfunk’s older work or even Petar Dundov I suspect you’ll quite enjoy this and a wide range of progressive and techno dance floors should as well. There are also two remixes supplied of the title track. The first finds Danny Lo Scippo making his label debut with a beefed up, rounder and mildly warped interpretation that really packs some punch. The Italian producer has taken those great hypnotic elements from the original and put them through a massive sonic reconstruction; the end result is a much fuller, bolder and more trippy interpretation that really stands out here. There is a lengthy breakdown which actually works quite well and the eventually payoff is filled with angelic pads and celestial harmonies which are sure to create a few goosebump moments along the way. The second interpretation of ‘The Red Square Nebula’ from Nic Bax is equally impressive and offers something a bit different as well. It’s big and melodic; similar to Danny’s mix but the addition of a male vocal (presumably from Nic) adds a completely new twist. Awesome stuff.

The second original 2760 Degrees comes across a bit more introspective. The spacey, sci-fi vibe gets melded with a heartfelt wall of washed out harmonies which sounds absolutely fabulous. The groove again comes with immense detail and it’s laid back approach is quite refreshing. The lone interpretation of 2760 Degrees is provided by Animate Dummy label boss Flying Point who is making his fourth appearance on the label. The Ukrainian’s crunchy, melodic style has added a wonderful, dynamic feel to the smooth lines from the original. There’s an added funkiness which definitely makes it the most dance floor worthy track on the collection and the wonky lead tones sound absolutely wicked. Amazing remix from Flying Point

The third and final original ‘Gravitational Instability’ rounds out the collection with a similar melodic approach but stylistically falls in the electronica realm. The broken beats are a welcome change and again the warm, slow burning foundation is quite captivating. The lone interpretation is provided by Beyond who has stayed true to the main melodic themes from the original but brought the piece much closer to the dance floor with a tougher more straight forward techno approach. It rounds out a large release from Animate Dummy which caps off a great year for the new imprint!

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