Kieran J – Colour Transitions (Sound Avenue)

The 60th release on Sound Avenue finds the label revisiting Kieran J’s ‘Colour Transitions’ with a brand new set of remixes.

Kieran J - Colour Transitions

Originally released as part of the Irish producers ‘Wave Therapy EP’ in December of 2014, the melodic electronica piece proved to a great complement to the EP’s title cut. Now just over a year later we see the Belgian imprint calling upon Namatjira and Li-Polymer to remodel the track for 2016. 

The first interpretation is provided by Namatjira who is making his second appearance on Sound Avenue. The Dutch producer first appeared on the Belgian imprint almost a year ago to the day with his interpretation of ‘Waves’ by Diego Poblets, which was released as part of the labels Collection Remix series. Namatjira has had a tremendous year and is no stranger to the Sound Avenue family having released his debut LP with affiliate 3rd Avenue, where he has appeared 12 times. Namatjira’s sound is definitely not a stagnant one, from project to project there are always surprises and he’s turned in an amazing rendition of ‘Colour Transitions’ here. With the original being such a unique and emotive piece this is a daunting remix but the Dutch producers catchy bass hooks and wonderfully textured motifs more than do it justice. Warm, groovy and full of smooth transitions, the track flows with an effortless flair. Highlighted by great vocal elements and a wispy atmospheric backdrop the track eventually breaks down where those wonderful textures and spacey designs really get to shine. It’s amazing how much emotion can come from some subtle modulation but Namatjira has produced a magic moment here, and one which keeps the smooth effortless vibe of the piece intact. Wonderful work from an artist you should definitely expect big things from in 2016.

The second and final interoperation of ‘Color Transitions’ is supplied by Li-Polymer who is making his first appearance on Sound Avenue. The Portuguese producer is fresh off an incredible remix on Proton’s Particles of Lateral Cut Groove’s ‘Attitude Adjuster’. The mid-tempo rework exemplified much of what makes Li-Polymer such a sought after artist . Always looking to create something new and exciting with his productions it was a journey into spaced out grooves, dubby rhythms and emotive subtleties. It was a great departure from the original and he’s worked more magic on his ‘Color Transitions’ interpretation here. I can definitively say that the Li-Polymer sound is getting a more organic quality which works incredibly well with his long standing dreamy production traits. The lead theme is well maintained here but the surrounding elements, from clattering percs and soft tonal themes are a real delight. Perfectly dialled in for back room or warm-up action it’s a mix you’ll want to explore over a few listens to fully appreciate. Wonderful work from Li-Polymer and a killer release from Sound Avenue to cap off the year. The first quarter of 2016 looks incredibly strong for what has now become one of underground’s top imprints, so be sure to keep a close eye on this Belgian crew. Highly recommended.

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