Kieran J – Keep Your Space (Stripped)

Irish producer Kieran J has been responsible for one or two favourites around these parts. His new release sees him make his debut on Stripped Recordings. Erdi Irmak provides a characteristically outstanding remix on the flip side.

Kieran J’s original is a nicely rolling progressive number with atmospheric pads, a fantastic bassline, and great Bladerunner-esque sweeps that lift the track periodically. The one thing I wasn’t so keen on here is the detuned hook that runs throughout much of the track – I felt a bit more could have been done with this element of the track. But overall this is a nice mood-setter.

Erdi Irmak’s ‘Space’ remix is really fantastic, retaining the bassline from Kieran J’s original while beefing it up a little, and keeping the atmospherics intact. It really takes off after a short, teasing breakdown, and reaches fever pitch during the main breakdown, where a hook from the original is unexpectedly accompanied by a really compelling vocal. It’s the vocal that really makes this remix so distinctive, and it provides a terrific focal point as the percussion and bassline spring back into action.

Another nice release from Kieran J and Stripped, and the star of the show here for my money is definitely Erdi Irmak’s amazing remix. 8/10


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