Kieran J – Wave Therapy EP (Sound Avenue)

Irish producer Kieran J returns to Madloch’s Sound Avenue for his first EP entitled ‘Wave Therapy’.

Kieran J - Wave Therapy

Kieran J made his first appearance on Sound Avenue in January of this year. The Irish producer’s interpretation of ‘Mr. Nice Guy’ by Lonya & Audio Junkies proved to be one of the favourites from the labels Collection Vol.2 release. It marked a newly coined sound for Kieran which was built on organic textures and contemporary tech house grooves. Now as the year is drawing to a close we see Kieran returning to the much loved Belgian imprint for his first and greatly anticipated EP entitled ‘Wave Therapy’.

Aside from a summer single on the UK’s Stripped Recordings it’s been a quiet year for Kieran. The Irish producer has spent the majority of 2014 locked in his studio crafting this very special three track EP for Sound Avenue. For an imprint on such a boundless rise ‘Wave Therapy’ will forge an even stronger bond with its ever expanding fan base. The composition’s classy elegance, persuasive piano stabs and heartfelt vocal wails are bound together by a detailed yet effortless sounding groove. The end result is one of the most musically rich creations of Kieran’s career. An enchanting record that wins you over not only for its atypical themes but also its modern groove. Also included are two additional dub versions of ‘Wave Therapy’ which further explores the thematic elements over stylish groove revisions.

The EPs second selection ‘Color Transitions’ finds Kieran with another uniquely tailored piece of melodic electronica. Following a DJ friendly intro of well sculpted beats a set of distinctive tones immediately grabs your attention. With the slow burning groove now generating nice momentum a hooky rhythm section paves the way for an esoteric vocal twist. The laid back groove then floats effortlessly to a second act of breathy gates and well sequenced keys. This unique interlude is not only an elegant centerpiece but it also sets the stage for an equally euphonic third act. A great complement to the chugging ‘Wave Therapy’.

The EP’s third and final selection ‘In & Out Of The World’ further explores Kieran’s elusive take on modern club grooves. The audile motifs are once again clever and adeptly arranged but what’s more compelling here is the underlying emotion. Hazy harmonic sheets and effervescent electronics adjoin for the ultimate culmination to this landmark collection of tunes. A master class in emotive electronica from Kieran J. Don’t miss it.

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