Kirill Hopeless – Jet Cat EP (FutureForm Music)

Russian producer Kirill Hopeless makes his FutureForm Music debut with the much anticipated ‘Jet Cat’ EP.

Kirill Hopelesss - Jet Cat EP

Australia based FutureForm Music has had a great year in 2014. The Kieran ‘Verve’ Krohn and Herc Kass directed imprint has featured productions from veterans like Andre Sobota, Rich Curtis and Progress Inn along with fresh names like Huminal and Matter. For their final release of the year FutureForm presents a new EP from one of 2014’s most exciting new names Kirill Hopeless. The Russian producer has spent the last four years recording under his Digital Mess alias and adopted the new moniker earlier this year. Kirill’s debut EP for FutureForm is entitled ‘Jet Cat’ and it comes with two brand new original productions.

Going back over the Digital Mess discography you’ll find a lot of incredible techno productions. One of the standouts would have to be ‘Open The Box’ which was selected by Jimmy Van M and Oliver Lieb as part of their Bedrock Collaborations mix compilation. The inception of the Kirill Hopeless alias earlier this year marked a new sound for the Russian producer. Deep, hypnotic grooves and rich atmospheric textures have been the focus and both productions here showcase those traits very well. The lead piece ‘Jet Cat’ gets underway with a tough kick, strong claps and a lovely complement of mesmerizing lines, which weave their way in and out of the mix quite effortlessly. As the track builds momentum towards the break a set of bassy stabs grow in intensity and a haunting melodic theme slowly develops around the groove. As the main break commences the hypnotic energy peaks and then washes away into a melancholic sequence of keys. It’s a poignant moment and one which quickly transitions the track into its third and final act. A more melodic conclusion proves to be the icing on the cake and gets the EP off to a great start.

The companion piece ‘Running Lights’ proves to be a great complement to the more dramatic ‘Jet Cat’. Based around a spacious but powerful groove Kirill’s haunting themes are what really stand out here. Touching lead keys, strong rhythms and sparkling electronic layers take the track on a wistful journey. The main break might be one of the most captivating moments on the EP. The one minute interlude is carried by serene synth textures and esoteric designs which set up an emotionally stimulating conclusion that rounds the release out in fine style. Two top notch tracks from Kirill which would have to be considered the strongest in the ever expanding catalog of this new alias. Great signing from FutureForm Music. Don’t miss it.

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