La Fa Q – Friday Rain (Symmetric Records)

The 23rd release on Oscar Holgado’s Symmetric Records welcomes La Fa Q to the label for his debut single.

La Fa Q - Friday Rain (Symmetric Records)

The Russian artist has just one previous release which came last month on the Free Sound Tools label. The deep, melodic vibes of ‘Everything Is Over’ certainly struck a chord with the underground and promises a bright future. His debut for Symmetric, entitled ‘Friday Rain’ looks to be equally great and includes remixes from Jelly For The Babies and Nicolas Petracca.

For anyone that heard ‘Everything is Over’ and loved it, you’re bound to love ‘Friday Rain’ as well. It’s soothing rainy day intro is appropriately brilliant and the warm grooves and serene textures that follow are absolutely magical. Smooth chord changes and delicate melodies are the star of the show and dominate a gorgeous break. Hopeful pads carry the track into its third act along with a wonderful textural haze, making for an emotive conclusion. Lovely work from La Fa Q and look for more great music from him in 2016.

The first interpretation of ‘Friday Rain’ is provided by Jelly For The Babies who is making his debut on Symmetric. The Serbian artist and Purr Music label boss has made huge leaps in 2015. Being prolific and consistent is a tough thing to do but Jelly seems to accomplish it with ease. The deep, effortless flow his productions come with always makes for a pleasant listen and he’s turned in a gorgeous interpretation of ‘Friday Rain’ here. Going even deeper and dubbier Jelly’s mix complements the original really well. It’s warm mounds of bass make up a buoyant foundation while those great chord changes slowly build a spine tingling vibe. The emotion peaks during the main break with faint vocal pads adding just the right touch for several goosebump moments. Beautiful remix from Jelly For The Babies.

The second and final interpretation of ‘Friday Rain’ is provided by Nicolas Petracca who is also making his first appearance on Symmetric. The Argentinean producer has gained a loyal following in the underground for his well crafted melodies and timeless progressive grooves. 2015 highlights include appearances on Dopamine Music and Genesis Music. Most recently Nicolas provided a top rework of Antrim’s ‘Disappear’ which was released courtesy of Deersky’s Soundteller Records just last week. Here he brings more of his melodic prowess to ‘Friday Rain’ which closes the release off wonderfully. Many of Nicolas’ past productions have that pixie-like sound from the glory days of progressive house and this certainly does as well. It’s warm full groove and wonky harmonics pave an enlightening path to the break where the real magic happens. Big sweeping synths make for a grandiose theme as sheets of spine-tingling noise eventually bring the groove back for a magic moment. It all gets played out one more time during an unforgettable conclusion which easily goes down as one of Nicolas’ finest to date. A magical way to close the release out and one which I’m sure you’ll be hearing a lot in the coming months. A top notch package from Oscar Holgado’s Symmetric Records. Don’t miss it. 

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