Leonardo Oldenburg – The Secret (Stellar Fountain)

Leonardo Oldenburg knocking on the door of Stellar Fountain again after a well-received EP under the Ink Fushion moniker in 2012, together with his friend Nicolas Ruiz. These two masterminds had the chance to work together on Leo’s new material, two of the three originals got remixed by Nico. Expect something subtle, dreamy, melted into smooth groove and synth layers!

We already kickstart the journey with the title track, ‘The Road To Nowhere.’ This screen setter tune is a massive club momentum, with a sensational groove and melody combo. Nico Ruiz inviting us on the dark side, he reduced the synths, played a lot with the baseline, and dressed the whole stuff into a cool, tribal coat.’Under My Skin’ flirts with techno, the pounding foundation gets a real deep spirit, the filtered and delayed synth notes just making it a mind traveller piece.’The Secret’ mixing the first two track’s atmosphere, the basic groove is marching on a strict way, while the breakdown lift the whole creation into anthemistic heights.Nico Ruiz strikes again, and his touch on ‘The Secret’ is a winner solution, the stripped-back method will work on the dancefloor surely, with a balanced portion of melodic vein.

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