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Logiztik Sounds & Hells Kitchen – Thirteen Room (Manual Music)

Uruguayan producer Logiztik Sounds has been a staple of not only Paul Hazendonk’s Manual Music imprint but also E-Spectro & Hells Kitchen’s Blendwerk label. The 134th release on Manual Music sees Logiztik Sounds and Hells Kitchen coming together for their first ever studio collaborations. Being two of the most cutting edge names in melodic techno there has been great anticipation for their debut EP entitled ‘Thirteen Room’.

The title track leads the EP off with a tough kick, well carved bass tones and an offset sequence of rhythms which are all set against a discernible air of melancholia. The records foundation is immediately captivating as those perfectly shaped bassy swells have been processed to perfection. As the modulation gets tweaked on the lead sequence the hooks become more evident and the tracks funky foundation seems all the more groovy. A middle section full of character-laden organs provides a nice transition back to the lead line and ultimately results in an exhilarating and moderately twisted conclusion.

The companion piece ‘Venom’ begins with a very haunting piano which is eventually accompanied by a well tailored set of broken beats. A granular bed of electronics and trailing vocal pads soon follow and a gorgeously abstract music theme is formed. This is a much more emotional piece with the vocal elements and reappearance of the piano delivering some potential goose bump moments. There are some really clever edits as well which keep the composition super fresh all while tantalising your senses. Two unique and intriguing cuts from Logiztik Sounds and Hells Kitchen.

The lone remix of ‘Venom’ is provided by Reinier Zonneveld who is returning to Manual Music for his third appearance. The Dutch producer who has also appeared on Traum Schallplatten and Trapez contributed to Manual’s ‘Manualism 7.0’ compilation and also released his ‘Reach EP’ on the label in November of 2013. For his ‘Venom’ interpretation Reiner has brought the piece much closer to the dance floor with a tough, funky groove and an inspired take on the musical elements from the original. A barrage of offset claps and eccentric rhythms further enhance the quirky lead lines and the second half conclusion shines as a result. Three solid and well varied cuts here which make for a hugely successful collaborative EP from Logiztik Sounds and Hells Kitchen. Hope to see more joint studio efforts from these two fine producers in the future.

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