LOM – Drops (Golden Wings Music)

The latest release on Golden Wings Music welcomes LOM to the label for his first single entitled ‘Drops’.

LOM - Drops

Following a nearly five year long hiatus the Argentinean producer returned in a big way last June with a new EP courtesy of 3rd Avenue. The release featured fresh ideas and sounds from one of the more creative minds in the underground. LOM’s latest entitled ‘Drops’ looks to continue that strong momentum and includes remixes from Silinder and Stas Drive.

LOM’s last original ‘Lonely Time’ (featured on the Sound Avenue #01 CD) was a journey into the dark depths of trippy progressive house. A standout in the mix for its atmospheric presence LOM’s ‘Drops’ is of similar quality. If you like getting lost in mystical textures and esoteric designs then you are sure to love this production. The rhythmic components of the piece are very strong and they power though the hazy overlay for a very strong dance floor presence. The main break builds a sizable amount of tension as the misty haze which leads you there never really dissipates, and once a long gaseous sweep brings the groove back in a charged finale ensues. A standout track from LOM who continues to impress since his return on 3rd Avenue last year.

The first interpretation of ‘Drops’ is provided by Silinder who is making his first appearance on Golden Wings Music. The Irish producer’s contemporary progressive sound seems perfect for the Golden Wings music policy so it’s no surprise to see a remix from him here. We last heard from Silinder in March with ‘Darko’ which was one of the standout tracks on the Whose Haus ‘Forty-5ive RPM’ collection. For his ‘Drops’ interpretation Silinder has taken all those great elements and crafted his own groovy, tripped out rendition. What immediately grabs you is how well carved the foundation is, it’s a hallmark of all Silinder productions but this one really has a wicked groove. Building through the first half a sequence of metallic keys and shifty rhythms come together to forge some deadly hooks. These interwoven motifs tell a compelling story throughout and a variety of twists along way keep things really fresh. Wonderful remix from Silinder.

The second and final interpretation of ‘Drops’ is provided by Stas Drive who is making his first appearance on Golden Wings Music. The Ukrainian producer has been quite prolific this year and he’s kept the production quality at his usual high standard in doing so. Stas launched new label Keep Thinking with two of his all time best just a few weeks ago and his interpretation of ‘Drops’ is amazing once again. The effortless, fluid grooves that we’ve all come to love from Stas sound as smooth and alluring as ever here. There are a remarkable number of subtle motifs all working together in perfect sonic unison; from cascading lines to alien-like designs and mysterious textures, it’s sounds like a perfectly tripped out journey through the cosmos and still immensely danceable. Amazing stuff from Stas Drive who continues to roll out incredibly creative music. A top notch release from Golden Wings once again. Highly recommended.

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