Loquai & Ewan Rill – Recollection Of Past’s (Stellar Fountain)

The latest release on Stellar Fountain finds two of the underground’s most loved artists presenting a new collaboration.

Loquai & Ewan Rill

For fans of progressive house the names Loquai and Ewan Rill are likely at the top of your favourites list but it’s a rare event that you get to see two artists with such a long standing history in the genre collaborate on a project. Our friends at Stellar Fountain have made this a reality however and this week present the duos ‘Recollection Of Past’s’ alongside remixes from Tash, Synus and Beat Maniacs.

The merging of Loquai’s bass line prowess and Ewan’s great club sensibility is an intriguing one and ‘Recollection Of Past’s’ more than delivers. It’s anchored by a monstrous groove with drive and tempo, so there’s an enormous presence straight away. Flanked by dark electronics the track picks up even more drive as scattered percussion and smooth rhythms begins to flow through the framework. The addition of a trancy top end just lifts the emotions higher but it quickly dissipates in favour of a more subversive theme, one which carries the track into the break. Here the teased piano motif gets expanded upon, bringing a lighter hearted mood to the track, there’s a cool shift of moods throughout the production actually and ultimately finds the track returning to its darker beginnings for a strong finale. Massive stuff from Loquai and Ewan. Let’s hope we see another one soon.

The first interpretation of ‘Recollection Of Past’s’ is provided by Tash who is making his second appearance on Stellar Fountain. The Greek artist and Movement Recordings label boss has continued his prolific production ways this year. A revitalized spark in the studio has yielded some of Tash’s best ever productions as a result, with support from Hernan Cattaneo and releases on Asymmetric Recordings, Just Movement and his own Movement Recordings highlighting his discography. For his ‘Recollection Of Past’s’ interpretation Tash has gone deeper, groovier and more tech house inspired to complement the hard driving original wonderfully. A spacious, acidic groove sits at the foundation while a variety of quirky rhythms play perfectly over the top. Tash has stayed true to the main piano motif however, highlighting it throughout the production but with a sparser, more spacey delivery that retains the deep and delicate feel he’s created around it. Wonderful work from tash.

The second interpretation of ‘Recollection of Past’s’ is provided by Synus who is making his third appearance on Stellar Fountain. The Hungarian producer last appeared with his ‘Northern Breeze’ single, released in July of this year, which received a massive remix from Cid Inc. Synus’ love for all things deep and melodic has melded wonderfully with the themes from the original and also complemented the previous two versions really well. It’s laid back, broken beat foundation is rough and rugged with a multitude of great bass hooks, while the main melodies add some shimmering beauty over the top. The main break adds a wispy vocal motif which further sets the track apart and ultimately sets up a soulful sounding third act that would not sound out of place in a film soundtrack. Outstanding remix from Synus.

The third and final interpretation of ‘Recollection’s of Past’s’ is provided by Beat Maniacs who are making their third appearance on Stellar Fountain. Aside from being part of the A&R team at BC2 Records the Serbian duo has an extensive discography with appearances on Balkan Connection, Spring Tube, Clinique Recordings and Soundteller Records. Their a duo with a diversified sound which finds them exploring everything from deeper shades of tech house to more traditional progressive house to tripped out electronica. On ‘Recollection of Past’s’ we most definitely get the latter and it’s a spectacular way to close the release out. Aside from some fabulous sound design and a murky, almost disturbing narrative there is a lot of emotion packed into this sparsely produced gem. The sci-fi sounds and spoken word samples are a match made in heaven and somehow resonate a hopeful feeling to me. It’s a special sounding track and like I said a great way to close the release out. Wonderful package full of talent and variety from Stellar Fountain. Don’t miss it.

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