LouLou Players Takes On Six Quick Fire Questions

LouLou Records co-owner LouLou Players aka Jérôme Denis chats to us about his new single with Kolombo

Tell us about how you came up with your name LouLou Players and how you came up with it?

LouLou Players: The story behind this strange name… Actually in French, Loulou is a nickname we use for people we like or for pets. And as we were using that nickname in our friends crew, the idea to create the label name LouLou records came naturally… Following this, needed a DJ name and appeared LouLou Players

You and Kolombo both formed your imprint LouLou Records. What originally brought you both together and whose idea was it to start the label? What’s the mission for it?

LouLou Players: We met around 20 years ago in our local record shop, from that moment we started to play and produce together. Shortly afterwards the idea to create our own label arrived in our mind. The idea was to release our own productions and some of our friends… a few years later, we can be proud to have a huge catalogue from artists coming from all over the world.

You’ve got a new release with Kolombo out at the moment. Can you talk us through the inspiration behind it for you both? Did you both get together in the studio? If so where? Or did you just swap parts?

LouLou Players: It has been a long time we haven’t release together, so we really wanted to work on a new track. We joined at the beautiful brand new Kolombo’s studio. For that track, we wanted something with disco and real house influences. The result is pretty groovy so it will be perfect for some booty shakes hahaha!

Can you tell us release you’re most proud about in your career so far?

LouLou Players: The first that kick me was Hum Hum on Bunny Tiger.. I had my first real international gigs thanks it… “Music Please” is also important, as it’s the theme from my party in Belgium, that track is kind of classic.

More recently, I did a good remix of Jean Bacarreza & Andruss – ‘Do It Like’ which will be released this year on Bunny Tiger. I wanted a different sound, more dark, at the limit of techno but keep that traditional vibe I try to have in my productions.

And the most craziest thing that ever happened on tour ?

LouLou Players: Touring is such an amazing time for me, I have thousands of stories. You know, when you pass from clubs, to aeroplane, to cars, to hotels, after parties – everything is subject to a crazy and funny story.

But the thing that is the most impressing and crazy for me is that positive energy we can find in clubs. All the people, dancing, smiling, partying.. When i realize what I’m doing, I just feel like a really lucky person.

What other new stuff can we expect from you and on LouLou Records soon ?

LouLou Players: We will have lot of interesting releases, with lot of different styles on LouLou Records… but some like our traditional “Loulou” sound, but you can also expect also more melodic tracks and also great nudisco tracks!

On my side, I have collabs ready with my mates Malikk and Pimpo Gama… Also the 3rd opus of “My Pendrive” compilation. And for sure way more material to come as I’m now at the studio working on 3 new tracks.


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