Lucas Rossi – Before The Calm (Seven Spirits Records)

The seventh release on Seven Spirits Records welcomes Lucas Rossi back to the label for his first single.

Lucas Rossi - Before The Calm

The Argentinean producer made his first appearance on the label in September of this year with a remix of Tuxedo’s ‘Standing In The Rain’. More recently Lucas has been featured on 3rd Avenue, Electronic Tree and Golden Wings all eliciting a great response from the underground. Now we see Lucas with his debut single for Seven Spirits alongside remixes from Mario Puccio and Fernando Ferreyra. 

For those that heard Lucas’ remix of ‘Standing In The Rain’ you know how sleek and hypnotic his productions can sound. His latest ‘Before The Calm’ exemplifies those traits and much more. Following a smooth and effortless beginning the production picks up with soulful vocal elements and a mesmerizing lead which takes you into the break. The luminous qualities beaming off those keys is lovely as they cascade with dramatic flair. It’s a soft anticipatory vibe and ultimately brings the groove back for a great moment, and stellar conclusion. Beautiful work from Lucas.

The first interpretation of ‘Before The Calm’ is provided by Mario Puccio who is making his first appearance on Seven Spirits. Also hailing from Argentina Mario recently released his ‘Calling to My Heart’ single on Julian Rodriguez’s Massive Harmony Records and also has 2015 appearances on Sound Avenue Stellar Fountain, Soundteller and The Last Of Us. For his ‘Before The Calm’ interpretation Mario has recreated the main themes with his own funky, rounder twist. The vocal elements pierce through the air as the bass line drops injecting a huge dose of energy. Serene synths slowly fade into the mix as the foundation continues its hypnotic roll. Tight tones add some rhythmic flair and take the track into the break, where following a blissful moment, culminates with a wonky lead and a rush of beats and drums taking you into a great finale. 

The second and final interpretation of ‘Before The Calm’ is provided by Fernando Ferreyra who is making his first appearance on Seven Spirits. The long time veteran of the Argentinean scene is now approaching a 10 year production career which has been highlighted with releases on Classound Recordings, Movement Recordings and Soundteller Records. A regular at the top of friskyRadio’s most listened to shows, Fernando’s ‘Dreamers’ continues to be one of the most popular progressive house broadcasts around. Now putting on his producer cap he turns in a great remix of ‘Before The Calm’ to close the release out. In going deeper and dreamier Fernando has provided a great complement to the previous two mixes and also one with amazing emotive qualities. For the less vocally inclined Fernando has used them sparingly and with ghostly effects making them even more indistinct and inviting. It’s the effortless vibe the entire mix carries which is its strong suit for me though, really smooth and a joy to listen to from start to finish. Gorgeous work from Fernando and a great end to another quality release on Seven Spirits. Don’t miss it.

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