Luciano Scheffer – Time Solves (System Recordings)

The latest release from System Recordings welcomes Luciano Scheffer back to the label for a brand new single.

Luciano Scheffer

The Brazilian producer first appeared on the US imprint with a remix of Nicolas Petracca’s ‘Delirious’ which was released in January of this year. Other 2015 highlights include his ‘La Resistance’ single released courtesy of Balkan Connection South America along with remixes for Aethereal and PHW Elements. Luciano’s debut single for System Recordings is entitled ‘Time Solves’ and it includes remixes from Nicolas Petracca, Julian Rodriguez and Julian Dep.

Luciano’s trademark percussive grooves have been strong all year and that streak continues with ‘Time Solves’. Following a DJ friendly intro of tough beats and well constructed drums the track strips down where a more musical motif begins to develop. Bassy tones and shimmering atmospheres meld here for a deep and emotive vibe. With a few twists along the way It’s runs through the remainder of the record and the emotion emanating from it seems to multiple. It’s slow burning approach is quite refreshing and makes for a very classy finale. Excellent music from Luciano. 

The first interpretation of ‘Time Solves’ is provided by Nicolas Petracca who is returning to System Recordings for his second appearance. The Argentinean producer first appeared on the US imprint with the aforementioned ‘Delirious’ and has since recorded singles for Abstract Space Recordings, Clinique Recordings and PHW Elements. Nicolas has been noted for timeless melodic approach to progressive house and it’s melded well with the ‘Time Solves’ motifs. The breakbeat rhythms standout immediately and give the mix a very fresh vibe. It makes for a spacious framework which allows all those amazing melodic elements to shine. The complete strip down after the break does a lot for the flow of the record. Those beats are quite strong and getting to hear the melodic narrative reconvene makes for a gorgeous finale. Excellent work from Nicolas.

The second interpretation of ‘Time Solves’ is provided by Julian Rodriguez who is making his second appearance on System Recordings. The Argentinean producer and Massive Harmony label boss has grown immensely in the last year. His productions seem to get better with each successive outing and his discography now includes releases on Sex On Wax and Clinique Recordings. For his ‘Time Solves’ interpretation Julian has managed to convey the wonderful vibe from the original in a new and equally emotional light. Fuzzy tones and chirpy electronics highlight a very memorable break and the minimalistic beats keep the feel refined and classy throughout. Superb remix from Julian.

The third and final interpretation of ‘Time Solves’ is provided by Julian Dep who is making his debut on System Recordings. The Argentinean producer is fresh off singles for Stellar Fountain and PHW Elements, and he continues to be one of his country’s most promising new talents. For his ‘Time Solves’ interpretation Julian has delivered a quirky mix filled with funky hooks and old school vibes. Spacey sounds and clattering percussion lead the way while a serene break offsets the madness quite nicely. It’s an adventurous and unpredictable approach which complements the other versions here quite well. Great mix from Julian which concludes one of System’s best releases this year. Don’t miss it.

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