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Paul Hazendonk’s Manual Music returns this week for the labels 138th release. It’s another landmark outing for the Dutch imprint as it features Luis Junior’s first EP for the label. The Spanish producer ignited the world of electronic music in 2010 with his unique brand of futuristic techno. His appearances on Bedrock and microCastle yielded some of the biggest club records that year and are still highly revered today. Deep Dish has been the latest A-list outfit to sing the praises of Luis Junior, not only did the legendary duo include his ‘Coronal Mass’ remix on their 2014 Essential Mix but they’ve also been seen dropping his remix of DNYO ‘Aquatika’. Luis’ debut EP for Manual Music is entitled ‘Karma Calling’ and it comes with two brand new original productions.

The EP begins with the title cut ‘Karma Calling’ which showcases the trademark Luis Junior sound perfectly. The Spanish producer’s exquisitely tailored beats and granular harmonies work some serious magic as the track begins progressing towards the main break. Luis’ sound design has always been immaculate and his work on the melodic themes here ranks right up there with his most inspired pieces. The intoxicating drift of hazy psychedelia which slowly evolves over the breakdown is truly exceptional and it’s something you can absolutely get lost in. It’s sets up an even more powerful and subversive second half which features a barrage of unique claps and rolling grooves that should be dynamite on the dance floor. Exceptional stuff from Luis.

The companion piece ‘Everything Is Possible’ finds Luis focusing on a deeper, warmer and more sonically expressive sound. The waning sheets of feedback are the ultimate hypnotic centrepiece and the Spanish producer’s titanium coated beats sound as charged as ever. Poignant stabs and a rough underbelly further enhance the moody framework and a cinematic break is just the icing on the cake. Fantastic stuff from Luis and one hell of a release from Manual Music. Luis is already working on a remix and a follow-up EP for Manual Music so expect to see much more from him on this great Dutch imprint.

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