Luke Chable pres LOKII – Outside EP (Mesmeric)

Our good friends at Mesmeric are back this week with a new 3 tracker from Aussie prog House veteran Luke Chable. Luke’s return to prominence has been amazing to watch over the last couple of years. Starting with the ‘Foundation’ EP 18 months ago Luke has been on a prolific production tear ever since. He’s racked up a number of melodic gems a long way from the King Unique championed ‘Substrate’ all the way through to his newer LOKII material like ‘Something’ which was one of last year’s best melodic records. For Luke’s newest material he has once again donned the LOKII guise and put together an incredible three track EP entitled ‘Outside’.

The fresh electronics of ‘Ghost in the Machine’ lead the EP off and set a wicked tone early. Some killer modulation on the bass line grabs your attention right way and the dynamic sounding percussion adds some serious bounce. A break with a massive tension filled build reveals a wicked spoken word vocal sample which is exceptionally cool and should get some amazing reactions on a drug fuelled dance floor. There are a variety of cool hooks along the way from a wicked set of rhythmic tones to the massive bass stabs which provide that dynamic Luke Chable funk. Undoubtedly one of Luke’s most elaborate and funky productions to date, very refreshing and certainly one of our all time favourites of his! The second and title track ‘Outside’ switches things up nicely with a much trancier vibe which once again showcases some of Luke’s amazing melodic capabilities. With a wealth of grinding harmonics and bubbly hypnotic melodies this one builds to epic proportions. It’s big and melodic all right but still with a classy restraint that keeps it decidedly cool.

The EP closes with ‘Til We Meet Again’ which presents a deeper vibe to cap the release off. A signature Chable bass line drops in quickly and forms an elastic like groove which is immediately infectious. Sequences of endlessly cascading keys paint another gorgeous melodic picture like only Luke can. The introduction of a new lead line at around the four minute mark really steals the show though. Emotionally stimulating but still with a sizable amount of funk. Outstanding work from Luke on all cuts and kudos to Mesmeric for continuing to deliver great melodic music. Release Promo Hype Chart Top 25

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