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Madloch & Matias Vila – Haze Over Night (Sound Avenue)

The 58th release on Sound Avenue finds Madloch and Matias Vila presenting their second collaborative project.

Madloch & Matias Vila

Hailing from Belgium and Spain respectively the duo crafted one of 2014’s most intriguing productions in ‘Reading Souls’. The 12 minute opus then eventually received remixes from James Teej and Nikko.Z, which were a staple in the sets of many DJs as 2015 began. Now as the year is quickly drawing to a close Madloch and Matias present the long awaited follow-up entitled ‘Haze Over Night’, alongside remixes from Roger Martinez and Eyal Cohen.

After one listen to the duos first collaboration is was abundantly clear their cross pollination of sounds was a fruitful one. On ‘Haze Over Night’ we get something equally exciting with a wealth of fresh designs and tonal qualities to drool over. Backed by thick slabs of rolling bass it doesn’t take long for ‘Over Night’ to carry an enormous presence. Dubby synth work combined with trippy designs and rising white noise build momentum over the first act, before eventually initiating the main break. Waves of melodious bass, indistinct vocals and a collage of psychedelic designs paint a gorgeous sonic landscape, before the beats eventually drop back in for that ultimate 3AM moment. Another massive production from Madloch and Matias.

The first interpretation of ‘Haze Over Night’ is provided by Roger Martinez who is making his first appearance on Sound Avenue. The Dutch producer and long time member of the GEM Records family presented one of 2015’s best compositions in ‘Downriver’. Released in June on Guy J’s Lost and Found Records, the cross-cultural techno bomb enjoyed a ride of immense hype, since becoming a staple of Guy’s sets several months prior to its release. There are few producer’s working in the underground today with Roger’s creativity and unique production hallmarks, all of which are on display here, with his ‘Haze Over Night’ interpretation. Anchored by a chunky, well carved foundation Roger’s remix is immediately alluring. As the groove begins to take shape a storyboard of psychedelic audio tantalizes the senses, all while building a lovely dramatic flow. There’s a soulful essence that’s hard to come by in electronic music but Roger’s crafted that in excess here. Following an engaging first act, an otherworldly break culminates with an expressive vocal vortex, as a rush of beats and drums pull you back into the hypnotic groove. Another mystical creation that’s sure to be a stand out in the Dutch producer’s meticulous discography.

The second and final interpretation of ‘Haze Over Night’ is provided by Eyal Cohen who is making his third appearance on the label. The Israeli producer first appeared on the Belgian imprint in 2014 with his remix of Daraspa’s ‘Rendro’. 2015 saw him rework ‘So Intentional’ from Future Motions and now he returns for his third and most anticipated remix for the label. Eyal’s trippy, yet club oriented sound has evolved immensely this year and he’s turned in a deep and wondrous beauty for his ‘Haze Over Night’ interpretation. It’s laid back, subterranean groove creates a marvellously contoured foundation, while a moody motif begins to develop obscurely above. Layered beats, acidic designs and a dubby soundscape carry the piece into the main break, before an eerie tonal motif takes over. As the piercing hooks place a tighter grip on your senses the layered beats return in massive fashion, pushing forward for a suitably rousing conclusion. A great remix from Eyal and a fine end to one of Sound Avenue’s best ever releases. Don’t miss it.

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