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Madloch & Matias Vila – Reading Souls Remixes (Sound Avenue)

One of 2014’s most epic journey’s gets reinvented to kick off the year for Madloch’s Sound Avenue.

Madloch & Matias Vila - Reading Souls Remixes

Madloch and Matias Vila released their first joint studio project in June of this year. The result of this European collaboration was the twelve minute opus ‘Reading Souls’. Shortlisted for Nick Warren’s Beatport #1 compilation ‘The Soundgarden’ the track was eventually released on Madloch’s Sound Avenue imprint. It not only marked a return to what looks like a steady flow of studio output from the Belgian producer but also showcased Matias’ vastly underappreciated sonic skills. Put out as just a single track release the success of the project seemed to beg for a follow-up remix package. Fast forward seven months and the 46th release on Sound Avenue finds James Teej and Nikko.Z providing new interpretations of ‘Reading Souls’.

James Teej has been one of electronic music’s most inspiring artists for the last half decade. The Canadian producer is perhaps best known for being one third of the famed My Favorite Robot production trio but his solo studio efforts have been equally enthralling. From his early appearances on No.19 Music, to being the first artist to record an album for Sasha’s Last Night On Earth imprint, James Teej has remained on the cutting edge throughout the course of his career. Recent studio work has showcased a new sound which is rich in atmosphere and psychedelia; two traits which have translated quite well on his ‘Reading Souls’ interpretation. Built on a series of hallucinatory motifs James’ ‘Holographic Moon’ remix is captivating from start to finish. It’s an unpredictable but extremely satisfying journey which works on a variety of levels. As a psychedelic audio collage it is monumentally stimulating and it’s power as a late night floor burner is sure to put even the most discerning club goer in a spellbound state.

The second interpretation of ‘Reading Souls’ is provided by Nikko.Z who is making his third appearance on Sound Avenue. The Greek producer played a huge part in the Belgian imprints beginnings having delivered a remix and single all within the labels first five releases. In addition to running Dopamine Music Nikko has a discography which includes appearances on Sudbeat Music and Classound Recordings. For his ‘Reading Souls’ interpretation Nikko has reshaped the multi themed original into a seductive slice of hypnotic tech house. Rippling waves of bass lay down an alluring foundation while phasing rhythms and textural drifts augment the already tight groove. A tasteful main break adds further musicality and the elegance which flows through the conclusion finds both Nikko and Sound Avenue stretching their sonic canvas to new heights.

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