Madloch: Sound Avenue #01

Our latest artist interview features Madloch who has just released his first mixed CD entitled Sound Avenue #01: Madloch.

Madloch Sound Avenue #01

1. So this week is a big moment for both yourself and Sound Avenue, it’s your first ever mixed CD as a DJ and also the first for the label, how does it feel to finally have the project out?

Relieved it’s finally out! The last 3 months have been very hectic for me finishing the CD & combining this with a lot of other work & travelling.

2. When did you initially get the idea or inspiration to do the CD and where did it come from? What mix compilations from the past do you look most fondly upon that likely played a factor into you one day wanted to do one of your own?

It’s almost a year ago when I decided to compile a mix CD for the label after receiving some great demo’s from guys such as Andrew McDonnell, Daraspa and some other who didn’t make the final mix.

Because I don’t want to release weekly or too much on Sound Avenue I thought it was shame to ignore their tracks. So I spoke with some of these guys if they are interested to get their tracks released on a CD much later in the year. Everyone was satisfied so that gave me the motivation to search for more tracks.

3. So you had a lot of excellent demos how did you go about selected the final 15, was some of it a matter of what worked well in the mix or were some of the tracks written exclusively to fit the project? and  did you make the mix specifically with the dance floor in mind?

It’s not an artist album so it was made for the dancefloor & exposure the sound of the label. When the idea of the CD was born I asked several producers to make a track exclusively for this mix. Pedro Aguiar’s opening track “Cloud Nine” for example. Not all tracks written for the cd made the final tracklist, so several tracks will come out later as an EP. It was important for me the final mix was a nice story which builds to a climax like a live dj-mix.

4. What tracks on the CD can we expect to see as singles on Sound Avenue later this year? There are a few remixes included as well, I assume those must be forthcoming releases? Was that a matter of them fitting into the mix better than the originals?

Indeed! Some of the remixes on this mix were actually added after the deadline of the track submissions. Therefore I postponed the release several times because I was not easily satisfied 🙂

The first single from this CD is John Debo’s “Reticent Hues” which is remixed by Deepfunk and Dustin Nantais. Another one before this summer is the original mix of Antti Rasi’s “Liitäjä” wich also has a remix by the guys of Melokolektiv. In the second part of this year you can expect also a remix Ep of Terje Saether & Malin Pettersen’s “Too Late” and “Fagus” from Peter Makto & Gregory S.

5.You mentioned the project was mixed in Ableton, which you had never done before, I’m guessing you had some help initially?

My first idea was too record the cd as an oldschool dj mix with a mixer & 2 CDJ’s. But because my tracklist changed daily it was almost impossible to do this over & over again. Than I decided to do it in Ableton with the help of some great friends such as Hamed Safi from Beat Syndrome, Patrick (Daraspa) and my master engineer Travis MacDonald. They showed me all the tricks in the world of warping etc. 🙂

6. Given that project is entitled #01 I’m assuming there are more in the works, what would the second one be? another from yourself or one of the label artists? And do you have anything in mind for it?

There will be at least 1 CD every year, maybe 2. The plan is to have another artist for every edition. I already have a few names in mind, nothing confirmed yet. Follow our social media pages to stay up2date 🙂

7. You’ve travelled quite a bit in the last year and played a lot of gigs, which of the tracks from the CD were staples in your sets? and the ones that were why did you keep coming back to them?

One of them is the …. “One Of Them” remix from my track “Walls”. For me personal it’s one of the best remixes ever made from one of my own tracks. It has everything I like in a track/remix. Because of the 117bpm it was also a perfect warm-up track. Because I often like to do my own warm-ups I already played this so much times without getting bored. This track will stand the test of time!

For the peaktime hours “Lonely Time” from LOM & BP’s remix of “Liitäjä” were one of my most played tracks. I also really like Ri Za & Sensoreal’s “Bright Light Piano”. This track has such a great warm & housy feeling & is superbly mixed.

8. Aside from the CD all things Sound Avenue seem to be going very well, any exciting news you’d like to mention here for the fans of the label?

The releases for the rest of this year are already 90% planned with a lot of great artists,  I’m really excited with the quality of the tracks and can’t wait to show them! I’m also in negotiating to do some labelnights in some countries I never played before. Really looking forward to the rest of the year!


The first 5 people who message their invoice receipt of the compilation will get the CD for free & a promo for the next release on Sound Avenue! Send a message with your receipt to Madloch’s facebook page located here:

Sound Avenue #01: Madloch is out now, you can purchase the release: here

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