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Magnetic Brothers – Flashback LP (Deep Blue Eyes)

Our favourite Russian bothers return this week for another huge collection of excellent music. The Magnetic Brothers continue to have this unique ability to craft such a broad style of electronic music. Whether it be gorgeous melodies for progressive house and trance, soulful grooves for deep house or dance floor oriented tech house and techno grooves the Russian brothers seem to have a gift for all of it. Their new album entitled ‘Flashback’ is out this week and showcases an outstanding collection of essential tracks for their fans.

For the most part Arthur and Anton have focused on various progressive styles here with several tracks really standing out. The collection gets a great groove going early with ‘Explorers’ and ‘Anahata’, the latter in particular is incredibly funky with a wide range of wicked hooks as well. The processing on the lead mods is super crisp and does wonders to enhance the infectious groove. The deeper tinged ‘Green Clouds’ might be one of our faves with its rough bass stabs and incandescent melodic accents which dance about so nicely. The energy really picks up with ‘My Pretty Angel’ and ‘Sometime’ which go down as perfect mid set material. The drive of ‘My Pretty Angel’ combined with those irresistible lead hooks and wispy vocal pads is another standout for us on the collection.

This leads to the romping groove of ‘Silence Off’ which following an atmospheric break really delivers some serious impact with a real peak time influenced second half. We tread into more melodic and hypnotic territory with ‘Her Eyes Again’ and ‘Red Tree Alley’ with the former providing a mesmerizing lead in to the summer house flavoured latter which is also in the running for one of the collections most breathtaking compositions.

The collection peaks with ‘See You In My Nightmare’ which is a brilliantly warped sounding progressive construction. Eerie vocal gates and a massive lead riff should certainly set things off at peak time when dropped on the right dance floor. The finale of the collection ‘Rewind’ is certainly the most mind bending track on the album. Clocking in at 120 BPM the incredibly moody electronica piece is full of ominous sounding vocals, grungy edits and some aquatic style electronics which play off the darker tones perfectly. All in all this is another top shelf package of tunes from the Magnetic Brothers which still makes us wonder how these guys not more well known. Highly Recommended.

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