Manu F – Coven (Balkan Connection)

The latest release on Balkan Connection welcomes Manu F to the label for his debut single.

Manu F - Coven

After appearing on the labels South American division many times the Argentine now steps up big for his first appearance on the Serbian flagship. The latest from Manu’s studio is entitled ‘Coven’ which comes alongside remixes from Nicolas Petracca, Following Light and Mario Puccio. 

Manu’s made his mark in the underground with his smooth soulful creations and ‘Coven’ displays those wonderful qualities yet again. It’s warm chugging groove is quite inviting while vocal gates and evolving atmospheres begin to build a mystical vibe. Trailing effects initiate the main break before a mysterious lead theme is introduced. It makes for a solemn centerpiece before scattered claps up the tension and a smooth rush re-ignites the groove for a wonderful moment. The third act is where all the parts come together in unison for a kaleidoscope of sound and ultimately a great conclusion. Awesome debut for Manu on Balkan Connection.

The three remixes provided add nicely to the original with Nicolas Petracca first taking the track into trippier territory with excellent results. Of the melodic progressive producers in the underground Nicolas is definitely bringing some of the most creative ideas which he shows here once again. A punchier kick immediately gives a nice presence while a wall of psychedelic designs flow through the framework. It’s makes for a great first act and ultimately sets up a serene and soulful break which builds a mystical lead for the ages. Airy and atmospheric it spearheads an amazing finale which has to be one of Nicolas’ finest hours. Wonderful remix.

Next up Inmost Records boss Following Light makes his 15th appearance on the label and brings a distinctive vision to ‘Coven’. Anchored by a wonky groove it sounds unique right from the start. As the bass tones begin to buzz the Ukrainian artist unleashes a storyboard of trippy effects which carry the track into the main break. A touch brooding, the centrepiece continues the collage of melodic clusters and actually builds some palpable tension as a result. It paves the way for a truly unique third act with those offset bass stabs and tripped out designs continuing to delight the senses. Great stuff from Following Light. 

The release concludes with Mario Puccio making his label debut and delivering a standout interpretation of ‘Coven’. Having already appeared on Alola Records and Sound Avenue the Argentine artist boasts a very nice discography. Balkan Connection is certainly a great addition and he’s made the most of his debut with a full, percussive rework of ‘Coven’. Quite tribalistic in design, the mix is also full of interesting quirks from siren like wails to some offset fills. It’s buoyant groove is quite excellent and reminds me a bit of Simos Tagias in a way, which is a great thing. The main break shifts the focus into more melodic territory but in a very unconventional way, definitely a unique vibe and once that mammoth groove drops it’s quite powerful. Nice remix from Mario and another excellent release from Balkan Connection packed full of promising talent. Don’t miss it.


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