Manu F – Emotional Rescue (Just Movement)

The latest release on Just Movement welcomes Manu F back to the label for a brand new single entitled ‘Emotional Rescue’.

Manu F - Emotional Rescue

The Argentinean producer first appeared on the Dutch imprint with his ‘Freyja’ single which was written in cooperation with Daniel Gomez and released in March of this year. Other 2015 highlights include a remix of Yuriy From Russia’s ‘Salton Sea’ (also released on Just Movement) and an appearance on BC2’s ‘V3RSIONS’ compilation. Manu’s new single for Just Movement is entitled ‘Emotional Rescue’ and it comes with remixes from Julian Dep, Nicolas Petracca and Daniel Gomez.

The release gets underway with the original mix which finds Manu crafting a deep and enchanting progressive house number. Following a DJ friendly intro of tough beats and clattering percussion the track slowly evolves into a stunning melodic beauty. The first break teases some vocal pads into the mix which immediately adds a floaty, angelic quality. Smooth chord changes in the bass line then pave the way for a more distinct melodic motif. These rolling harmonic waves make for a melancholic moment which gets further explore during the main break, before an epic third act lifts you back up to the heavens once more. Beautiful work from Manu.

The first interpretation of ‘Emotional Rescue’ is provided by Julian Dep who is making his second appearance on Just Movement. The Argentinean producer last appeared on the label with his ‘Underground Flight’ single which was released in January of this year. Julian then went on to deliver great productions for Clinique Recordings, Soundteller Records and System Recordings. For his ‘Emotional Rescue’ interpretation Julian has taken the beautiful melodic elements from the original and reshaped them into a deep, hypnotic rendition which is perfectly dialed in for the dance floor. It’s dark and quirkier nature presents an entirely different vibe than the original and it’s no doubt going to find much support from the progressive house underground. Excellent remix from Julian.

The second interpretation of ‘Emotional Rescue’ is provided by Nicolas Petracca who is making his first appearance on Just Movement. The Argentinean producer has become much loved for his melodic productions and also for a long line of bootleg productions some of which have earned play from Hernan Cattaneo. Nicolas is fresh off a gorgeous remix of Luciano Scheffer’s ‘Time Solves’ for System Recordings and also has 2015 appearances on Baroque Records and E Sound Records. Nicolas’s dreamy sound has melded well with the ‘Emotional Rescue’ themes and the end result is a deep, floaty rendition that’s perfect for those sunrise sets. The Argentinean’s intricate percussive work and evolving textures are not only a joy to listen to but should provide some goosebump moments on the dance floor. Wonderful remix from Nicolas.

The third and final interpretation of ‘Emotional Rescue’ is provided by Daniel Gomez who is making his second appearance on Just Movement. The Mexican producer first appeared on the label with his aforementioned ‘Freyja’ collaboration with Manu F. It’s been a stand out moment in Daniel’s career along with his releases on BCSA and Abstract Space Recordings. For his ‘Emotional Rescue’ interpretation Daniel has delivered a more stripped down version which focuses on some gnarly synth sweeps and mysterious vocal elements. A gloomy band of keys adds further intrigue through the record’s second act which sets up an ominous conclusion perfectly. Awesome remix from Daniel which rounds out another excellent selection of music from Just Movement, don’t miss it!

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