Marcelo Paladini – Reaching The Road (Balkan Connection)

The latest release on Balkan Connection welcomes Marcelo Paladini back to the label for a new single.

Marcelo Paladini Reaching The Road

The Argentinean producer is fresh off an outstanding remix of Scotty’A’s ‘Nothing As It Seems’ for Deersky’s Soundteller Records. Marcelo’s last original production ( a collaboration with Alberto Blanco) came in June on NIkko.Z’s Dopamine Music so it’s great to see Balkan Connection with Marcelo’s newest studio creation ‘Reaching The Road’ alongside remixes from Li-Polymer and MiraculuM.

The underground heard a new sound from Marcelo on his Dopamine release and the response was fantastic. It’s deeper, contemporary quality laid the framework for a new sound moving forward and it’s one he’s continued here on ‘Reaching The Road’. Anchored by a warm, fluid groove, which gets slowly surrounded by dreamy melodies and luminous textures, this would have to be one of Marcelo’s most sonically impressive productions to date. The long glimmering swells which dominate during the break are a pure aural delight and the slow, deliberate build back to the groove has a nice subtlety and is really well crafted. Just gorgeous music from Marcelo.

The first interpretation of ‘Reaching The Road’ is provided by Li-Polymer who is making his 30th appearance on Balkan Connection. The Portuguese producer has been a long standing artist of the Serbian imprint, making his debut on the label all the way back in 2009 on the ‘Balkanians 5’ compilation. 2015 has seen Li-Polymer continue to shift his sound to something deeper and more spacious which has paid off as he’s earned chart and radio support form Hernan Cattaneo in the process. For his ‘Reaching The Road’ interpretation Li-Polymer has added his own deep, dubby and percussive flair which complements the widescreen sounding original perfectly. It’s deliberate groove is a radical departure from the original and the rougher stabs in combination with just a hint of atmosphere make it an enjoyable stripped back and very groovy journey. Li-Polymer has always been excellent at building subtle beauty throughout his productions, nothing comes in and hits over the head like a sledgehammer but there’s always a mystical element of beauty and he’s captured that here once again. 

The second and final interpretation of ‘Reaching The Road’ is provided by MiraculuM’ who is making his 11th appearance on Balkan Connection. The Hungarian artist and Stellar Fountain label boss has had the best year of his career both from a production standpoint and running his label. MiraculuM’s work is constantly evolving in a trippy, otherworldly fashion and it all came together perfectly this year, in particular for his Scotty.A ‘Next Chapter’ interpretation. Whereas Stellar Fountain has now become a staple of the Beatport Progressive House charts almost each and every week which is not a claim that can be made by many underground labels in the genre. He also seems like a great candidate to remix ‘Reaching The Road’ as all the elements are there for him to do something wonderfully quirky and tripped out, and that’s pretty much exactly what the end result is. Rather than going big and bold, MiraculuM has kept the groove pretty tight and let the melodic elements work their magic. Aptly coined’ Euphoric Reshape’ it’s a nine minute journey into cascading keys and kaleidoscopic melodies, and what makes it so brilliant is it’s minimalistic framework, so it’s just a joy to listen to. Likely one of MiraculuM’s best remixes to date and it closes out a really strong release on Balkan Connection in fine style. Don’t miss it. 

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