Marcelo Paladini – Restinga (Golden Wings Music)

Marcelo Paladini makes his Golden Wings Music debut with the much anticipated ‘Restinga’ EP.

Marcelo Paladini - Restinga

Golden Wings Music began the year with the release of East Cafe’s excellent ‘No Need To Hide’. Veteran Argentinean producer Diyo remixed the production and the results were spectacular. The label has gained some nice momentum not only with East Cafe’s release but with the Unique Series remixes which closed out 2014. Looking to keep that strong run going Golden Wings now presents a brand new two track EP from Marcelo Paladini who is making his debut on the label.

Much like Golden Wings Music Marcelo has enjoyed some wonderful successes of late. Long touted as one of Argentina’s most exciting progressive house producers he finished off 2014 with an impressive run of releases on 3rd Avenue, Classound Recordings and Soundteller Records. Marcelo’s debut for Golden Wings begins with the title track ‘Restinga’ which features more of his detailed drum work and soulful sensibilities. Set to a backdrop of gaseous soundscapes and droney atmospheres it’s a record that is quite enchanting from start to finish. A dreamy vocal loop furthers the hypnotic leanings of the track and works remarkably well with it’s surroundings. The main break ups the magical mood a notch further with one more sparkling layer of texture getting dropped in over the already charming soundscapes. One of the dreamiest productions of the year so far and still great for the dance floor. Beautiful stuff from Marcelo.

The companion piece ‘Lighthouse’ features a deeper, dubbier vibe which complements ‘Restinga’ quite well. The droney yet momentous atmosphere which made ‘Restinga’ so alluring is present here also but with a much quirkier set of rhythms leading the way. Acidic lines lock the groove down and keep the focus nicely on the dance floor while long spacey sweeps and a pixie-like melody carry the track into the main break. Much like ‘Restinga’ the mood is quite magical here and the way the beats slowly get washed away sets up the blissful re-entry in style. Two excellent productions from Marcelo which have already brought in a wide range of support from Sasha, Armin Van Buuren, Jimmy Van M, Darin Epsilon and Derek Howell. Highly Recommended.

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