Marco Faraone Admits Techno May Have Reached Its Peak

Marco Faraone talks to us ahead of his release on Rekids tomorrow

Hey Marco! Really excited to be chatting to you on CU. We know Adam Beyer is a big fan of yours. Where did you guys first meet and where did your relationship develop?

Hi Guys, and thanks for having me! Adam is an amazing person, probably one of the best I have come to know in this scene. Everything started with the music and I actually first met his wife Ida back in 2012 at a party in Madrid (they were not married yet). We had never met before and I was playing after her at the gig, and she told me she loved my set. I started to send her my music and after a short time I signed my first Truesoul EP ‘Floor Attack’ and then my first Drumcode EP followed that. Adam has supported my music for a long time and its always been an honour to have the chance to work together with such a legend and really genuine person.

Here is a video of the gig actually with Ida!

Italy is renowned for its techno producers of late. Do you think the Italian scene can sustain the rate of influence it’s had on techno over the last few years?

Yes, I think so. Italian techno roots are very solid right now, and we have so many established names that represent us all over the world. We have so many new and upcoming artists that are bringing out new styles of techno, it makes me really proud to see so many artists from Italy doing so well and to hear so much amazing music coming from my country. Not only that, but we have some of the best clubs too!

You just announced 7 dates at Music On, Ibiza this summer. Everyone knows it’s one of the best parties in the world. Why do you love playing there?  

First of all, as an Italian, being invited by ‘the maestro’ Marco Carola is an absolute honour! Words cannot describe the emotions I felt when I heard I had 7 dates this summer. I have been following Marco from the very early years, and he was always a real inspiration for me and many DJ’s alike. Playing for Music On is special, the vibe, the atmosphere and the whole team they have working there – it’s one of a kind. I have the chance to really express myself musically there too when I play, and with so much positive energy at every gig. Marco knows that I am a versatile DJ and I can easily play in the terrace and main room and deliver a completely different set for both, anything from house to techno, it doesn’t matter. The important thing, is always about the quality. I think that when a DJ has the opportunity to totally express themselves, they can’t for ask for more than that. At the end of the day ‘It’s All About The Music”.

You made you debut on Rekids this year, and now your ‘On My Way’ EP is out on May 10th, along with remix from UK Dub Step producer ‘Addison Groove’. Whose idea was it to experiment with dub step on this release and why? 

Not everyone knows, but throughout my journey to become a DJ and where I am now, I played almost everything, from Hip Hop, Dub Step to Drum n’ Bass. It’s totally natural for me to experiment and to continuously evolve my sound. The decision to ask Addison Groove to remix ‘On My Way’ came about after a long chat with Matt (Radio Slave), because with this kind of track we were looking for something different and special. A remix that would also surprise people and reach a new and different audience. I played many of Addison Groove’s tracks over the years like ‘Minute Of Funk’, and I thought that the vocal sample we had in the original was perfect for him to get his hands on.

I would also say that Rekids is a perfect platform to express my music, since I love to produce different styles, and keep things versatile. I am really happy that Matt has supported me long this journey, as he’s one of my favourite producers. More is coming on the label too, with a remix for the legendary classic ‘Grindhouse’ which will be out in July, that has also been remixed by Slam, Len Faki, SHDW & Obscure Shape and Markus Suckut.

We see new trends happening every year in techno. Last year was Trance. What’s next? 

I think “Hard House” is the perfect compromise. I really love the Fjaak Sound or Power House style. It’s techno but with a house soul element to it. If you want to listen what I mean, check my track “Patience” which came out via On Edge Society in March. I would really love to produce more in that direction.

Many fans know you run your own label ‘UNCAGE’ – and your last EP collab was just out in April. What’s your philosophy behind the label?

UNCAGE was born from the desire to express myself with any limits or boundaries. I am sure a lot of people think that’s sounds cheesy, but ‘out of the cage’ is my philosophy and for me, means freedom. When you produce music and you want to release on someone else’s label, you have to make them happy. With my platform, I can do whatever I like and release some really different experimental productions that I don’t necessarily want to send to another label. UNCAGE has a very specific sound too, connecting all the releases in a musical journey, that’s why we don’t release a lot of music all the time. I need time to understand if a certain release actually fits with the label and if it can integrate as part of that journey of sound I am trying to create. My dream is to also provide a platform giving support for the new artists out there and who have been making such amazing music for a long time, but just have not yet got the recognition they deserve. Artists including Pablo Mateo, Hertz Collision, Black Stone and Mattia Trani have all been releasing on UNCAGE alongside established names like Skudge, Radio Slave, Donato Dozzy, Zenker Brothers, Eduardo de la Calle and Marcel Fengler. For my partner Norman and I, we are always looking for new music and talented aspiring producers.

Your touring schedule is stacked… mentally and physically; how do you manage to keep up with the pace?

It’s not easy! Luckily, I am a very fast worker in the studio and most of the time I also produce on the road with my laptop. Maybe many people wouldn’t believe it, but I do not ever take drugs on the road to stay awake and alert, yet 2 days ago I played a 10-hour set, it was the motivation and vibe from the crowd that keeps me going. I think this is the best way to the moment, without feeling horrendous the next day and then be unproductive whilst trying to recover from a heavy night at a club. I don’t fly private jet and have an entourage of 10 people carrying my bags for me, I mostly travel alone, or sometimes a friend comes with me. When I am home and have some free time, which isn’t often, I generally always spend it in my studio. I do love my job and my life and thank god every day for being here!

Industry wise, do you feel we’ve reached the peak in dance music yet or do you still feel there’s a way to go?  Where do you see the growth?

Well I think that techno has maybe reached its peak, look how massive the genre is now all over the world. Was it that big 20 years ago? Definitely not. I think less people are going to parties now and spending time looking for music online, or video content. Which I think is just the result of the society of today, everything is digital. However, the genre and industry as a whole has grown substantially due to technology though, making everything to easy access from wherever you are in the world as the click of a button on your phone or laptop – it’s crazy. Who knows what genre is going to be the next hot one, but I hope we continue as we have been for the last few years. Who knows what’s to come?

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“On My Way” is the next release from Marco, out on Rekids on the 18th May.

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