Mariano Mellino – Akiro EP (Balkan Connection)

Argentinean producer Mariano Mellino makes his debut on Balkan Connection this week for the labels 210th overall release. The Buenos Aires based producer has just 4 productions credits on his discography but he has been DJing for quite some time and has shared the booth with Lee Burridge, Christian Smith, Jody Wisternoff, Silicone Soul, Deepfunk and a long list of international talent. His productions also are well noted having received support from: Hernan Cattaneo, Dubfire, Nick Warren and many others. Mariano’s new EP for Balkan Connection is entitled ‘Akiro’ and it comes with remixes from: Rodrigo Cortazar, Tintin and Andres W.

The title cut leads the EP off with a drummy groove that really packs some serious dance floor punch. The warm bass tones that make up the bass line go through a series of wicked chord changes that create some wonderful momentum early on. Glowing sheets of atmosphere soon fade into the mix and bring some amazing emotion over the framework as the track approaches the middle portion. Here the groove strips down somewhat and the warm atmospheres build some subtle tension which slowly rises before a quick drop brings the warm walls of sub bass back in for a great dance floor moment. Superb original from Mariano. The lone remix of ‘Akira’ comes from Rodrigo Cortazar who is making his 20th overall appearance on the Balkan family of labels. One of Rodrigo’s 2012 highlights was his ‘Cassiopeia’ production which appeared on Baires Records in October. The track was remixed by Ioan Gamboa and Luis Bondio & Cesar Lombardi and went down as one of the labels best in 2012. For his ‘Akira’ interpretation Rodrigo has crafted a bouncy dance floor groove that incorporates all the drum elements wonderfully along with a unique twist on the bass tones which provide some intense drive. What Rodrigo has added here though is an entirely new melodic theme which is absolutely brilliant. An intricately woven section of keys which work in perfect unison with the melodic bass line. Outstanding work from Rodrigo like we have come to expect from him.

The second original on the package is entitled ‘Luhuk’ and it comes with a bit more of a light-hearted melodic vibe. A tough shaker filled groove sets the stage with some soft electronic stabs and wicked melodic arps which provide some emotional and also hypnotic qualities. The main break strips the record right down and brings some sparkling electronics, soft melodic tones and transitional break beats which provide some dance floor oomph to the interlude. The track climaxes with the interwoven melodies playing off each other for an exhilarating finish. The first remix of ‘Luhuk’ comes from Tintin who is making his third appearance on Balkan Connection. The Spanish producer delivered ‘Light Breaksdown’ in September which was a fabulous debut that contained remixes from Nicholas Van Orton and Tip D’Oris. Here for his ‘Luhuk’ interpretation Tintin has delivered a wicked new school techno interpretation that comes with big sonic sweeps, hypnotic rhythms and a killer peak time vibe that’s sure to light up your dance floor. The final remix on the package comes from Andres Wolovich aka Andres W who just appeared on Balkan Connection’s ‘Connections X’ compilation last week with his ‘Mandragora’ production. Andres’ ‘Luhuk’ interpretation complements the other versions quite well as it’s a cool blend of melodic techno with some progressive sensibilities. Sparkling melodies, glassy electronics and subtle chord changes all work together in perfect harmony while the rumbling groove keeps everything firmly focused on the dance floor. Fabulous release from Balkan Connection who are on a real roll over the first six weeks of 2013.

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