We catch up with rising techno star Mark Reeve ahead of his gig at Egg London on Saturday.

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Hi Mark, great to chat. tell us about your current DJ setup for when you play?

Its quite easy. I have given up playing with my Laptop and use CDJs with USB sticks. I sometimes have some Vinyl pieces with me as well.

What artists and labels are you digging the most at the moment? Plus what kind of stuff can people expect in your sets?

At the moment if i’m listening to minimal sound I must say Ricardo Villalobos is a favourite but also Zip. With techno I still really love Papa Sven! My sets are fully packed with Organic sounds and towards the end some banging weird Planetery Assualt System like stuff.

Your philosophy to only work with the best of the best seems to have paid off for you. 2011 marked the release of your first EP on Cocoon Recordings. That is a massive achievement for any artist. Can you give some advice for the up and coming artists out there who are trying to get signed with these labels? What do they need to do?

The best advice I can give to anyone is believe in what your doing and continue sending out your tracks. If a label turns down a track it doesn’t automatically mean your never gonna make it. Keep going and believe in your sound. Marketing is a real important thing in the music business. There are a lot of underrated artists out there but as I always say, it’s all about promotion and spreading your name around. Even if you are not a big DJ or producer you can still make a name for yourself by knowing the right people.

What projects do you have coming up or which releases are you looking forward to?

Ive just finished a remix for Nicole Moudaber for her Label Mood after that I will be releasing again on Cocoon Recordings. Not sure if this year or the next. Also working on new stuff for Soma and Drumcode.

What are your goals in the years ahead and do you have any plans to start a label sometime?

My goals must be to continue playing at festivals and outdoor events. Haven’t got plans for my own label at the minute but might be looking into it soon.

You’ve played Egg a few times. Can you tell us what’s so special about the club and why you love playing there?

Egg has an amazing atmosphere. I also really love the friendly team there. They are such nice people and very well organized, I never have to worry about anything! Egg is a 5 star club in my opinion.

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Do you think techno is becoming too popular? Or do we have to expect that techno isn’t a purist scene any more?

I wouldn’t say techno is becoming more popular. I think the underground scene is still where it is but the music is changing. There are far more styles around now then there used to be. The future never stands still.

We noticed your post “While others can’t wait for the football on tv, my thoughts are for those losing there lives at the moment. Our selfish ways will be punished at some stage. Reality is standing right in-front of us and its not gonna be long before we all understand what is going on behind the scenes. Only the wise know what i’m talking about.” can you explain what this means?

Sometimes I see Football or other games and it makes me sick thinking about the profit it made. Not one penny from that money goes to help the poor homeless lost children in Brazil. I saw several videos of children being hit by the Police before the World Cup started was a shock and that’s why I had to post something for others to think about. I think if humans continue being selfish in certain ways there is going to be a revolution or war at some stage.

We know you still have a full time job. How are you managing to cope with with being a producer and touring around the world? What do you do? And how are the Monday’s? 🙂

I have always had my IT Job which I love and it has always been important for me to do something normal. Some people get lost in a party world and don’t realise the real world until it hits them in the face. Life is not about party party all the time and I think a normal way of life from Monday to Friday is really important. Of course, a producer or a label costs a lot of time which can be more than a 9 to 5 Job. Put it this way, Mornings are not My Favorite ones hahaha

You can see Mark Reeve perform at Egg on Saturday. Click here for tickets.


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