Matias Chilano – Aura (3rd Avenue)

Matias Chilano has been red hot this year. The Argentinean producer really started to get some well deserved recognition after winning Sound Avenue’s remix competition over a year ago. Since then Matias has been on an incredibly strong run with releases on Mistique, Agara, Balkan Connection, Stereo Paradise and LuPS. It’s been a long while since we’ve heard an original form Matias so it’s makes sense that a similarly hot label like 3rd Avenue would be the ideal outlet for that. Matias Chilano’s first original in well over a six months is entitled ‘Aura’ and it comes with remixes from: Namatjira and Anthony Yarranton.

The ‘Aura’ original is certainly one of Matias’ finest creations to date. His deep, swirling sound is always a pleasure to listen to and here he’s really delivered some unique melodic elements as well. The bubbly sounding synths have such a wonderful liquid like character and present an amazing amount of electronic soul. The laid back, druggy sounding nature of the tune makes it ideal for the morning hours when things are winding down just a touch on the dance floor. This one will stick with you for a while. Great stuff from Matias.

The first remix is provided by Joost van Der Vleuten a.k.a. Namatjira who is currently based in the Netherlands. Namatjira has had a very solid year so far with releases on Crossfrontier Audio, Lowbit and Particles. For his ‘Aura’ interpretation Joost has added some nice funk to the groove while maintaining the dreamy atmosphere from the original. A new twist on the bubbly textures from the original give the track a completely new melodic feel with some great bouncy hooks that are going to work wonders on the dance floor. Fabulous stuff from Namatjira.

Closing the package out is another producer that has made huge strides this year. Anthony Yarranton began his production career in 2010 with a series of releases on Baroque, Armada, Lowbit and Proton. This carried him well into 2011 and following that Anthony’s production output seemed to drop off quite a bit. When the UK producer returned in 2013 a new deeper and fresher sound was coming out of his studio. Anthony has been on a great run ever since with releases on Axon, Balkan Connection, Dopamine and Movement Recordings. This is his first appearance on Sound Avenue’s label collective and he’s provided a great remix to close the package out. It’s a based around a smooth hypnotic groove with a wicked laid back vibe. Bubbly synths and soft bass tones along with some delicate electronics carry the track nicely to the main break. Here the well textured soundscape really shines and when that massive bottom end drops back in it’s a pretty powerful moment. The second half presents a slightly more melancholic tone with some airy pads casting a haunting vibe over the composition which is quite captivating. More great stuff from Anthony who continues to impress as 2013 rolls forward and another top shelf release from 3rd Avenue who is quickly catching up in stature to big brothers Sound Avenue and Crossfade Sounds. Release Promo Hype Chart Top 25

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