Matt Hieu & Ilya Gerus – Loveless (System Recordings)

System Recordings latest sees Matt Hieu and Ilya Gerus teaming up for their first track together entitled ‘Loveless’.


The latest release on System Recordings sees the debut of a brand new collaborative project. Producers Matt Hieu and Ilya Gerus have both achieved nice success in their solo careers with appearances on Asymmetric Recordings, Balkan Connection and Inmost Records collectively. This week storied US imprint System Recordings presents their first ever collaboration together entitled ‘Loveless’ which features a huge selection of remixes from: Omar El Gamal, Yuriy From Russia, East Cafe and Michael A.

The Original mix leads the release off with a unique elastic-like groove and some soft atmospheric overlays. After this unassuming beginning the track really comes to life during the main break where a delicate sequence of keys and dramatic pianos unite for a blissful one minute interlude. It’s a strong musical moment in the record and one which gets carried through a heavenly second half conclusion.

The first remix is supplied Omar El Gamal who is returning to System Recordings for his third appearance. The US based producer had previously delivered two EPs for the label so this will be his first remix project and it has turned out quite well. Omar has marvellously reworked the groove into something much fuller and perhaps more dance floor friendly. Although the main themes have been kept relatively intact there is a much more haunting vibe happening with Omar’s unique electronics filling in the framework and contributing mightily there. The end result is a great complement to the more straight forward original.

The second interpretation is provided by one of 2014’s busiest producers Yuriy From Russia. Perhaps only rivalled by Ewan Rill Yuriy has clearly had his head down in studio for all of this year as his production output has been staggering. This marks the Russian producer’s tenth appearance on the storied US imprint and he’s delivered an outstanding interpretation of ‘Loveless’. Highlighted by hypnotic piano loops and soaring atmospherics Yuriy has delivered the most epic interpretation on the release which should make for a great peak time moment in a lot of sets over the coming months.

The third remix comes from East Cafe who is making his first appearance on System Recordings. The Hungarian producer and Time Capsule label boss has a very unique production style which is always highlighted by well shaped bass lines and infectious rhythms. He’s delivered the most dance floor ready version of ‘Loveless’ here and it’s also my favourite version on the release. It’s East Cafe’s groove construction prowess that makes this so great. He’s used the strong melodic themes from the original quite nicely but the strength of the drums and funkiness of the records framework really make it standout. Fabulous remix from East Cafe.

The fourth and final remix on the release is provided by Michael A who is making his second appearance on System Recordings. The Belarus based producer contributed to the labels ‘Illuminate’ sampler from August of last year and has risen to even greater heights this year with appearances on Perspectives Digital, Movement Recordings and Soundteller Records. Michael’s stripped back and pristinely produced style has worked wonders on ‘Loveless’. Clever beat patterns and a nice complement of gleaming electronics make for a great vibe early and the trippy breakdown just ups the atmosphere a notch further. All the other mixes stay very true to the original in terms of the melodic elements so it’s great that Michael has done a much dubbier version. A standout remix from Michael which along with East Cafe’s are my two favourites here. Great release from System Recordings with a lot of mixes to choose from.

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