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Mauro Norti – Return to ‘The Cliff’ (Agara Music)

Mauro Norti’s ‘The Cliff’ single was released on Travis MacDonald’s ‘Agara Music’ imprint during the final week of June. Like all Agara releases it was musical, unique and filled with character and texture. We’ve long felt that Mauro is one of the true underappreciated gems that the burgeoning melodic techno scene has to offer and for Agara’s 11th overall release we see ‘The Cliff’ with four new remixes from: Booiamrudolf, Aparde, Indieveed and label head Travis MacDonald.

The first interpretation comes from Columbia’s Booiamrudolf who is making his first appearance on Agara. Booiamrudolf first came to our attention about 3 years ago as he appeared on Wide Angle Recordings twice over the course of 2010. His contemporary electronica and melodic techno sound seems perfect for Agara’s music policy and he’s delivered a fine remix of ‘The Cliff’. After an incredibly haunting intro a wickedly modulating acid line begins to surface along with some tough beats and character laden percussion. The backdrop of warm pads and escalating melodic themes is the perfect contrast to the grinding lines and grainy sounding percussion. The melodic build the track presents is what’s really spectacular, it’s pretty epic sounding but in the best way imaginable and the transitional centre section is filled with these piercingly beautiful tones that are sure to raise some goose bumps on your dance floor. Outstanding work from Booiamrudolf.

The second interpretation comes from Aparde who is a Berlin based producer that we have been following for about a year now. Paul Irgendwer aka Aparde first came to our attention with his productions for ADRO and Keller in mid-2012. Aparde’s grainy, character-laden approach to techno is very refreshing and he’s one of the genres true undiscovered talents at the moment. He recently delivered one of our favourite remixes of the year for E-Spectro and Hells Kitchen’s new Blendwerk imprint and his remix of ‘The Cliff’ is equally exciting. Aparde is so gifted at composing 10 minute plus tracks that work expertly through a variety of subtle themes. His compositions are always evolving and never seem to be stagnant like so many other producers out there. His ‘The Cliff’ remix is a fine example of that, you can listen to this piece several times over and still feel like you haven’t heard it yet. Incredible stuff from Aparde.

Next up is Agara’s own and fellow Canadian Travis MacDonald who has managed to find time from his busy mastering schedule to craft a wicked interpretation of ‘The Cliff’. Travis’ grungy bass line immediately stands out; it’s filled with immense character and rib cage rattling frequencies that you can really feel. The haunting melodic accents which waver endlessly complement those apocalyptic bass tones perfectly and the delicate sounding vocal gates add a wispy, ethereal component to the piece which is absolutely beautiful. The magic moment comes during the peak of the record with some immense chord changes in the bass line. To say the bass swells are devastatingly mean might be an understatement. It’s downright nasty and the coolest thing Travis has conjured up yet.

The final remix is supplied by Indieveed who is returning to Agara for his second appearance. The Ukrainian producer first appeared on the label with his remix of Mauro Norti’s ‘Touching Hands’ which was released in February of this year. Indieveed’s ‘The Cliff’ interpretation is a stark, dimly lit style rework that’s full of delicate beauty. The shimmering hypnotic haze which sits so perfectly in the mix is completely mesmerizing while the slow burning bass line and granular electronics subtly gnaw away at your senses. Again it’s the contrast between the brooding underbelly and delicate harmonies which really hit home here. The moody almost depressive vibe that’s mixed with the glimmering ray of hope style melodies is just magic. Outstanding stuff from Indieveed and an all round smashing package from Agara. Go buy it! Release Promo Hype Chart Top 25

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