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Max Cue – Mindfulness / Triangle (Manual Music)

The latest release on Paul Hazendonk’s Manual Music features brand new remixes from Max Cue’s ‘Mindfulness’ album.

Max Cue - Mindfulness / Triangle

The eleven track collection was released in October of last year and featured several stand out selections. Leading the way was the title cut along with ‘Triangle’ which has been given the remix treatment from Teho and Nantais & Hazendonk respectively.

Aside from being the album’s title cut ‘Mindfulness’ also carried one of the collections strongest themes. The distinctive cello and melancholic air is still engrained in the hearts and minds of many electronic music fans and Teho has worked his expected magic on it here. A bed of fluid harmonic textures lead the way early and ultimately build to the introduction of the cello which happens during the first break. The track just flows with an incredible energy following this . As the warm bass swells intensify and the theme develops the emotional grip the record has reaches goosebump proportions. It’s epic and a bit risky given the parts but it’s turned out remarkably well. Great remix from Teho.

The lone interpretation of ‘Triangle’ is provided by Nantais & Hazendonk who have been much hyped of late. This Canadian Dutch partnership seems to be growing stronger with each production and all indications are that they are just getting started. Last week saw the release of their Luke Mandala ‘Why’ interpretation and they’ve turned in a fabulous remix of ‘Triangle’ here. The original was a dark, mid-tempo groover based around a Dr. Who-like theme. It was incredibly ominous sounding and Dustin and Paul have taken those spooky vibes and translated them quite well for a big room floor. The bpms have shifted up about 10 notches and the bottom end along with the lead themes have a grittier character which really works quite nicely. Big remix from Nantais and Hazendonk which completes another standout offering from Manual Music. Don’t miss it.

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