Maxi Iborquiza – Reflexion (LuPS Records) featuring remixes from: Daneel, Matias Fernandez

Maxi Iborquiza returns to LuPS Records for the 136th release on the label. This time he delivers a two track EP. The title track Reflexion is a funky Tech House track with a rolling bassline and a great drive. Some tweaked female vocalsnippets and a techy syntstabs are topping this steamy track of.

The only remix from Reflexion comes from Daneel. He made his remix even more funkier. The original bassline has been integrated in a steady crispy and very danceable groove. Daneel crafted this remix in such a clever and phenomenal way. All the orignal elements are there but he combined it with a handfull of new extra synthstabs and rocksolid percussion work. This is a first class dancefloor anthem.

The other Original track is called Lost Frames and showcases the deeper and darker side of Maxi Iborquiza. Moody pads, a deep bassline and a guitarriff are the main elements for a druggy but yet sleazy track.

The remix of Lost Frames has been done by duo Matias Fernandez Vina & Ulysses Zalasar. They are diving even deeper into the magical world of soundscaping and composing. Long layers of sounds (here and there disharmonic) and aditional keyboardsection are creating a foggy and mystical atmosphere.


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