Meller – Tiefseetauchen (Stellar Fountain)

Let’s go for a deep dive in the sea! Our guide will be Meller, a well known psy duo from Germany, who went a bit deeper than usual in their ‘Tiefseetauchen’. The multicolour life of under water comes alive in sound forms. In the remix side Minoru and Levente tried to do interpretations that lifts the original theme into another level.

The original mix pumps a beyond the surface feeling with all the atmosphere elements dropped together as one, floating through the whole track. Minoru’s slow evolving tech monster with acid is ready to rule the dancefloor! It’s a kind a track that always brings something new, unawaited moments. Levente’s groove based sound exploration spinned up with a wobbling baseline and some crazy melody bits. Essential selection for summer! Release Promo Hype Chart Top 25

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