Michael A – Awakening EP (Genesis Music)

The latest release on Genesis Music finds label boss Michael A stepping back into the spotlight with a brand new EP.

Michael A - Awakening EP (Genesis Music)

The Belarus based artist is fresh off a hugely successful remix for Kastis Torrau & Arnas D ‘Take Over’ on Madloch’s Sound Avenue imprint. Now making his much anticipated return to his home imprint Michael presents his ‘Awakening’ EP alongside a remix from Matias Chilano. 

The release begins with the title piece and you immediately hear why DJs like Hernan Cattaneo and Guy J have become so enamoured with Michael’s music. Fuelled by progressive rhythms and a techno backbone it’s energy is infectious straight away. Hypnotic elements abound, the piece flows through a storyboard of wicked hooks and strong designs, until eventually breaking down to a shower of sonic glimmer. The breakdown might be one of Michael’s finest ethereal moments with swirling atmospheres and bubbly acid-like electronics all coated in an effervescent sheen. It’s sure to transport your dance floor to a great place and the drop is pretty massive so expect a huge response. Big tune from Michael. 

The lone interpretation is provided by Matias Chilano who takes the track into slightly deeper and groovier territory. The cool hypnotic flow which made the original so great is certainly well conveyed but in a lighter more airy fashion and overall the production feels a bit more laid back. Not only is it a great complement to the original but it certainly opens the track up to be played by more than just the peak time proggers. Matias has retooled his sound a touch of late it seems, the details are crisp and the groove very contoured, while the hazy atmospherics from many of his previous productions has been washed away in favour of more melodious soundscapes. A brilliant remix and one of his best all year I’d say.

The companion pieces ‘Photon Momentum’ and ‘Genesis’ both showcase Michael’s keen sense for modern progressive sensibilities, with the former coming in quite driving and very trippy in nature. It’s one of those cases, and this is true of pretty much all his tracks, where the rhythmic elements are so good that just the slightest storyboard or melodic content plays really well. This one stays quite heady and straight to the point and that’s it’s strength, the aquatic-like trails don’t hurt either. The release concludes with a track coined after the name of the label which you would expect to hold a special place in the discography and I think it certainly will. There’s more of a mystical quality to it and although it’s still focused on the dance floor there are some excellent musical moments along with timely vocal samples and a general state of bliss throughout. Definitely a great track to round out such a strong EP, making for another must have release on Genesis Music.


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