Michael A – Kingdom Siren (Genesis Music)

The latest release from Genesis Music finds label boss Michael A returning with a brand new collaboration with Andrea Shu.

Michael A - Kingdom Siren

The Belarus based imprint is off to one of the best starts of any new progressive label this year. All of the labels first five releases have entered the Beatport Progressive House charts and label owner Michael A continues to deliver stellar work for the label. For the sixth release on the Genesis, Michael A is back in the spotlight once again along with fellow countryman Andrea Shu. The duo’s new collaboration is entitled ‘Coast’ which comes with remixes from Ewan Rill and Dustin Nantais.

The release begins with a solo production from Michael entitled ‘Kingdom Siren’. It gets the release off to a great start with smooth grooves and shimmering hypnotic lines. Michael’s productions seem to be getting more atmospheric and melodic of late and this is certainly further proof of that. Gorgeous work from Michael. That leads to the showcase piece ‘Close’, written in conjunction with Andrea it seems to be a great meld of their styles. You get the contemporary progressive influence from Michael while Andrea’s more melodic traits are prevalent as well. |The result is a driving, energetic cut which a wealth of intricate electronic and floaty textures. The second half shines with a slightly stripped down groove really letting all those great drums and effects shine. Beautiful work from Michael and Andrea. 

The first interpretation of ‘Close’ is provided by Ewan Rill who is making his first appearance on Genesis Music. The Russian producer and Sever Records label boss continues to be one of the most prolific producers around. The year is now six months old and Ewan already has over 80 new entries on his discography. A recent release on John OO Fleming JOOF Recordings has been a highlight and his ‘Close’ interpretation is also quite excellent. With a dubbier approach Ewan’s delivered a mix that sits nicely alongside the original in terms of energy and drive but with a much more indistinct storyboard. Lovely work and a great addition to the release from Ewan.

The second and final interpretation of ‘Close’ is provided by Canadian producer Dustin Nantias who is also making his first appearance on Genesis Music. The Canadian producer is fresh off a great release for Paul Hazendonk’s Manual Music. Being from Canada myself it’s been great to watch Dustin come up through the underground. His productions are getting more recognition on the global circuit of late with Lee Burridge being the most recent top DJ spotted dropping his tunes. There’s a growing element of funk in Dustin’s productions and that’s certainly evident on this ‘Close’ interpretation. The elastic groove sounds positively electric and the added vocal samples do a lot for taking the original motifs out of their proggy context. Definitely one that can cross several genres and do damage on a wide range of dance floors. Superb stuff from the Canadian and anther great release for Genesis Music.

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